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Why choose Momentis over Ambit, Stream, Ignite, 5LINKs, ACN, and other non-energy MLM companies like Organo Gold, Herbal Life, and Advocare

by M. Le'Mont

If you are a Network marketer for any of the MLM energy companies, congratulations for making a wise decision. The energy market is the biggest and fastest growing industry in America; deregulation means opportunity, but you already knew that, right?

But what you probably didn't know is why you should have chosen Momentis as your vehicle. Why drive a Volkswagen when you can drive a Lambehergini to achieve your financial goals  The time it takes you to reach your destination and the money you make can be the difference between success and failure.

The product is energy and it's the same product for an energy Network marketer.  So what's the difference?

Remember, the TV series Fantasy Island and the little guy that said, Boss, da plane, da plane.  Well it's the Comp Plan, boss the Comp Plan!

Why sell the same product with a similar marketing plan and make less money, when you can walk across the street to your competitor and make twice or three times as much money in half the time.

Loyalty...what about it?  Loyalty means nothing if your network marketing company expects you to work for less selling the same product. How can you be loyal to that?  The only loyalty that counts is to Yahweh, your family, and reaching your financial goals in the shortest time possible.

Here's a sample of what you're missing:

At the Momentis National Director position, it pays a commission of  $300 for everyone that the ND personally sponsor's and gets 1 energy customer and one other home essential service. The recruit can be their own customer in each case.  The National Director also earns  a leadership bonus or override of $200  on every new recruit that's in their ND code to unlimited levels.  Now would you cash that check?

On Promotional  days, which occurs several times a month, Momentis pays double and triple commission which means a commission at the ND level of $600 to $900 plus the leadership bonus of $200 for every new rep in the ND code to unlimited levels.  If you are already a  top income producer, I don't need to break it down any further. You already have your calculator out, I'm sure.

What if you strategically planned for the next big Momentis Promo, double or triple commission days, then you could transfer a 1,000, 2,000, or 5,000 reps in your down-line at once, tell me would you cash that check?

Unless your network marketing company is willing to up the ante and make their Comp Plan competitive, it just makes sense to consider your options.  

Some of the big players have already made the switch and others are coming.  Why not get a jump on all the others and get them in your Momentis down-line.

Let's get started today and review the entire Momentis Comp Plan, like the 25% matching bonus on key leaders who you designate as your My Team.

Can you imagine getting paid for the rest of your L-I-F-E  25% of your top leaders pay check!  Would you cash that check?    

There's a lot more to the Comp Plan to digest, but remember you're not making a commitment you're just taking the vehicle for a test drive, that can get you to your destination in half the time.  It's all done very discreetly without jeopardizing your current situation.

Some people call me arrogant and bold for pursuing the top income producers of other companies, but I'm not doing it for them, I'm doing it for me and for those Network Marketers that want to get the most from their efforts in the shortest time possible,  I'm a deal maker and I have the power, the connections to put you in front of the right people that can make it happen, and get you a comparable position making two or three times your current income while your residual income grows to unlimited levels.  

It just makes sense.  My cell 832 -489-3619, lets get it started.   

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