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Subject: Hey Bob, It's the talk of the town

From: "Te" <tp@gmail.com>
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Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2013 6:41 pm
To: "Bob" <bob@mistersalesman.com>

It's the talk of the town.....

Hey Bob , take a look at this amazing loyalty shopping concept.   

I have hunch, watch it you will want to  learn more.

Facebook redirected us, on how to connect more efficiently with friends and family.

Netflix's redirected us on a more convenient way to buy and view movies.

And the IPhone, iPad redirected us on how we are able to mobilize our computing and communications.

Redirecting for better efficiency is quickly becoming a norm in today’s culture.

Now! There’s a solution to turn our everyday expenses into income.

Everybody shops-so why not redirect your shopping and refer friends and get a piece of every shopping
transaction in your network community?

Imagine making a sustainable income on something we all do every single day how cool is that?

If you’re interested, I would like to share with you more privilege information regarding the business side.

I can only say it's a  phenomenal program!

I trust and value your opinion and look forward to getting your feedback.

Let’s talk within the next couple of days. 



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