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Recruit Six Figure Earne


               How to Recruit A Six Figure Income Earner

   I was taught to forgive and forget. But, even I -- even I had my limits." M LeMont The Point Of No Return   

By M' Le'Mont

If you don't know any six figure income earners in network
marketing then you have to go where they hang out... 
network marketing meetings.  

So you either join or attend the meetings.

I went undercover for nearly 1 month, taking weekly

field trips to other network marketing meetings.

I went to big hotel gatherings, business presentations,
in home meetings, all with one objective in mind:  

to Recruit a Six Figure Income Earner.

It was nice to also compare opportunities; business
presentations, comp plans, products, and immediate income

It didn't matter what industry they were in, the more diverse
the better.

To make the undercover operation successful,
I had to pretend to be a new prospect referred by a friend.


This somewhat ambiguous explanation left the door
wide open for every marketing rep to try and recruit me.

During the visits, I collected scores of business cards from
reps interested in me joining their team.

But I wasn't interested in newbie's or just average performers, I only wanted the top dogs and they were easy
to find.

They were the people that the reps pandered  and treated like
a rock star.

Quit trying to Pander
  I had to get their business cards and they
had to be impressed to give them to me.

I got 4 business cards of Six Figure Income Earners from ACN;
3 from Organo Gold; 2 from
Ambit; and 3 from Zeek Rewards.

I also made sure that something was said during the meeting
that would make them remember me when I called.

Undercover Operation Revealed

  • I always waited a week before calling

  • made them remember me

  •  revealed my true identity
  •  why I was really at the meeting that night.
  •   what I had to offer

         Here's the Results

  •   I conducted 3 telephone interviews with Organo Gold.
  •  One side by side comparison with two top Ambit Income Earners
  •  And one business presentation with the now shutdown Zeek Rewards

I formed two good relationships with Six Figure Income
Earners and periodically stay in touch.

Overall, I consider this undercover operation a success,
but what about the proverbial question,

How to Recruit a Six Figure Income Earner?

The answer is clear as rain.  You start by recruiting yourself.  

You must become that Six Figure Income Earner before you
can find it in someone else.

Then you will have everything you need...and you'll never look again.

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M' Le'Mont is a writer and network marketer, Internet Strategist, and IBO of 14 websites.

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