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Raving Fans


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6 Things To Turn Customers Into Raving Fans

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by M LeMont

Hey, it's 2:35 am CST--I wanted to share an idea that I felt you could benefit greatly from.

From my early days in direct sales--knocking doors--dogs barking--cats growling--(Yes, cats growl!) we knew once  a customer let us inside, a sale would be consummated.  We were taught by the very best how to make a customer feel important and how to turn them into raving fans.

After the sale, the customer would call their best friend and tell them about what they just experienced.

"I'm sending him over to your house right now. You're going to love it."

With that type of  recommendation, the sale was made before we got there.

So what is a raven fan?  It is a person who loves you, your product or service and displays their appreciation in an unusual or extreme manner.

Take a look at this video and you'll see what I mean.


Now that's a raving fan. She told everyone how good the food was. And if this was a staged act, it was certainly worth the store owner's money. Unusual and extreme.

If you want a thriving internet business, then you must think out the box.  It's not enough to make a quality product and provide quality service.

Customers have been conditioned because of poor service to have low expectations and to be skeptical.  

Remember the scene from the movie Total Recall, "What about the guy you lobotomized? Did he get a refund?"

Customer satisfaction is not enough--customers need their own story to tell so they can be 

Here are 6 things to turn customers into raving fans

1. You must make a quality product and provide extraordinary service that touches the heart and soul of the customer.

2. You must go beyond customer satisfaction. For example, when you eat a good meal at a restaurant, you're satisfied but was it good enough to tell your friends about it on Twitter?  And to keep telling them every chance you get?

3. You must do something that far exceeds your customer's expectations. Over and beyond what anyone else has done before.

4.  You must create experiences where customers are motivated to share their stories with others. And the results must be: Amazing! Remarkable! Fast!

5. You must create a smaller community within your Twitter network and make everyone feel special for being a part of it.

6.  You must promote it and make clear what the community's objectives are. For example, the  HTG100K
Road Team objective is to gain 100,000 followers--and as a result we give support, encouragement, and feed off each others results.  

When I wrote HTG100K

I knew that I needed something more than a good book.  I didn't want customers to buy the book, implement the strategies, get amazing results without me knowing anything about it.  I couldn't rely on book reviews since only 1 out 1,000 customers give them.

I needed to find a way to communicate with my customers.
I needed to know who they were.
I needed to interact with them.
I needed to create a remarkable experience that far exceeded their expectations.
I needed them to write their own stories.

So I created a free 1 on 1 consultation with proof of purchase.   I advertised it inside the book and every day on Twitter.  Many customers were taking advantage of it. 

It's exciting to see people like @wileylaw2  go from 650 followers to 40,000 in a few months and  @DMetamorphoses from 38 followers to 46,000. These are remarkable stories. Real People. Real Testimonials. Every day.

The Free 1 on 1 consultation  was the coup de grace that could take things over the top. Unusual and Extreme--giving my customers the opportunity to become raving fans!  It was contagious--the idea of telling everyone about the amazing results was spreading like wildfire.

Now, what can you do to create an extraordinary experience for your customers and turn them into raving fans?

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