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Quit Pandering


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                    Quit Trying To Pander to Your Leaders

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by M. Le'Mont

One of the best network marketing success tips  I can give anyone 
is to fire your up-line leaders as soon as possible.  

Then, you can start taking full 
responsibility and stop being
impressed by their success.

These are the leaders who make the top incomes and
everyone panders to

I'm talking about the people making INSANE incomes of 100k
a month in less than a year.

Have you ever wondered what's their Secret Formula?  I mean,
their most coveted Secrets?

Many of the top income earners didn't enter the business the
same way as most marketing reps.

They cut a deal with Corporate and grew their organization
without the pains of financial pressure.

A typical deal would look something like this:

-Enter the organization with lower qualifications for comparable

-Minimum monthly guarantee of 10-20k for period of 3-12 months.

- Bring key leaders from previous network marketing company

-Move large numbers of reps from previous down-line

- Support and conduct weekly meetings, events, conference calls,
training sessions

- Keep it on the down-low

Now before I go any further, I don't want anyone to get offended,
especially if you made your money the old fashion way,
with no help from corporate.

There are some hard working Six Figure income earners that
developed marketing skills and  down-lines worthy of such notoriety.

                   Rock Star Income

But I'm not talking about them, 
 I'm talking about the top income
earners that achieved
Rock Star status in less than a year, with
mind boggling performance. 

If you're in network marketing you know who they
are in your company, right?

Let me say, there is absolutely nothing wrong form a legal or moral
standpoint with negotiating a better deal for yourself than what the

rest of the reps received.

Professional athletes and corporate executives are engaged in deal
making everyday, 
and I personally think an experienced network
marketing pro should get paid more than a rookie.

After all, who would you rather have leading your team?

But the problem lies when information is withheld how the top
leaders got to the top of the compensation plan, while
the rest of the pack bust their butts to make a buck.

This leads to marketing reps getting frustrated.  

compare their results to that of the top leaders, without  
knowledge their performance would never measure up.

Most of the reps
get discouraged and quit.

What About Me Syndrome

If a network marketing company has deal making as a permanent
part of their corporate structure,
it will eventually IMPLODE, as word
about the various deals spreads throughout the company and
everybody says what about me.

Where's my deal?

In comparison to employees playing Corporate politics, Network
Marketing is still the best opportunity of striking it rich in America,
with no skills or education.

Deal making in Network Marketing is just part of the game.  

So stop pandering your leaders,
you could be pandering the wrong ones!

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