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Twitter Questions You Never
Thought About Asking

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Question?  How can I Write A Review on Amazon?

Answer:  This is the first time someone has ever asked that question.  And according to authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, in their book  Freakonomics, estimate that 1 in 1,000 book purchasers write a review on Amazon.  
That's .001%.
Should authors be concern about such a low percentage?
Of course, they should be!  It's their livelihood we're talking about here.  Reviews sell books.  I didn't realize how critical it was myself until I became an author. I read a book and never thought twice about giving the author a review.

Now I'm on the other end, so I searched the net until I found a 2 min video that explained step by step how to write a review on Amazon.    

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1. Question:  Should I say thank you every time someone retweets for me?Answer:    

Answer:  I think  most people  would prefer  a retweet than a thank you. It just makes sense-- a  retweet for a retweet, book for a book, shout out for a shout out. Some people spend their whole day thanking people.  I rather have a retweet  and reach a larger audience.


2. Question: Should I follow a person who's profile says,


Answer:   Well, that profile could mean a couple of things.

First, they could have purchased the names of followers and that's why their following count is so low.

The second possibility, they're using an unfollow strategy; follow then unfollow in a couple of days.

And third, they pick and choose who they are following. Celebrities and large companies are famous for not following back. But, it all boils down to this; why follow people who don't follow you? Stop making stupid people famous.

3. Question: How do you handle negative comments and remarks on Twitter?

Answer:  There will always be some drama because people don't know how to behave on the internet. You can respond or ignore, unfollow, or block. I choose to respond in most cases for a round or two. It's a perfect time to get some additional exposure.  More people eavesdrop on your conversations than they spend time on reading tweets. So why pass up a fairly good opportunity?

Let me give you an example of a good conversation gone wild. It started out with a compliment from someone using the strategies in this book.

Steve comments:) "The system works!"  

My reply:) "The proof is in the pudding:) 6,000 followers. People who are using these strategies are getting amazing results, and fast!"

Terri jumps in:) "Hey, I'm glad I let you in my PTD house but you left it in a mess."   

My reply:) "Thanks for letting us in your house. I left some money under your pillow."

Dr Mary jumps in:) "I love the tiara Terri!"

Terri comments:) "You're a doctor, so what do you know about PTD?"  

Dr. Mary comments:) "Not much, I have a Ph.D. in Global Peace Studies...not sure of your point?"

Terri comments:) "Well you don't know what I've gone through. I'm a survivor, show a little empathy."

Dr. Mary comments:)"I work with genocide survivors for god's sake...play out your narrative on someone else's timeline."

It was time for me to add my two cents. My reply:) "There's always some drama on Twitter for better or worse. We all have our burdens to bear. Peace, love, happiness."

Terri comments:) "Thanks, that was some good advice.  I went and got my favorite chips and salsa to calm my nerves. lol!"

My reply:) "Terri you're a woman of my own heart. When it's too quiet stir some shit up, then eat some chips and salsa.) LMAO!"

Terri:) "I was taken by your earlier attempt to calm things down but when I see my therapist he's going to tell me to unfollow you, so I'll do that now."

You never know how a conversation is going to end, especially with everyone, able to jump right in. 

Next question, please.

4. Question: I have a lot of people who I follow, but they never followed back. Can they receive my tweets?

Answer.  No, they can't see your tweets in their timeline.   If you're using Twitter for business then there's probably no point in following them now, is there?

5. Question: Should I unfollow users who don't retweet?

Answer: Never unfollow people who don't reciprocate on a retweet because you may be unfollowing people who could buy your product or service. 

6. Question: How do you manage 100,000  followers from your Twitter page?

Answer: I operate from the navigation/reply page, so it keeps me focused on responding to those who retweet or interact with me.

7. Question: What is the meaning of a character like "c" before someone's Twitter handle?

Answer: When sending a reply, if you  want everyone to see it, then place a "period or any character before the handle for example, ".@MI". Now everyone can eavesdrop on your Twitter conversations if they like.  I use this feature 100% of the time.

8. Question:  Should I say thank you to everyone who follows me?  

Answer:  That's a nice gesture but a total waste of time. You must use your time wisely and effectively. Unlike spent money which you can always make more of, spent time is gone forever. 

9. Question:  How many people can I follow without getting suspended?

Answer: Twitter Rules, state and I quote this. "If you have followed a large amount of users in a short amount of time."  The rules don't specify how many users are too many to follow at any one given time.  It will vary from one person's profile to the next.  However, as a guideline, it's best to build slowly and follow no more than 200-400 and no more than 10% of your follower count.  And the same holds true for the number of people that you unfollow at any one time. Read the strategy session of this book for clarity.   

10. Question: How can I get more retweets? 

Answer: Twitter users are starving for good content to retweet.  Content is king.  If you create  remarkable content, then learn how to write interesting headlines that capture everyone's attention.  If you're a curator, then find a source with great content to retweet, and if all else fails, become the king of retweeting and begin retweeting for others until you get their attention. Most users will reciprocate or you move on and find those who will.


11. Question: How do I keep my favorite tweet at the top of my Tweeter profile page?

Answer:  You  can receive more retweets when you pin your book or favorite tweet at the top of your Tweeter profile page. Click the 3 dots below the tweet you want to pin, you will find a drop down option, click the option "pin to profle".  

12. Question:  What is the Retweet Train?

Answer: It's a virtual train where information on Twitter is dispensed: how to use Twitter, How to find the right people to follow, Writer tips, Self-publishing, etc. You can also be part of the Retweet Train by following at my Twitter handle  @MisterSalesman.

13. Question:    Should I follow people on follow back lists?

Answer:    Follow back lists are easy and simple to find followers, but most of the people listed are unaware they're on a list, so you'll get poor results. If you follow #MRetweetTrian follow back lists, you'll get more follow backs from people who have similar interests as you.   

14. Question: What are the 3 most important things on Twitter?

Answer:  You can not single out 3 things. The Six Powerful Factors all carry the same weight. All six of them are important; Engage, Follow, Follow back, Retweet,  Unfollow & Tweet.  

15. Question: Who should I follow?

Answer:  You should copy the followers of people you are following if they endorse or retweet for you. You should also copy the followers of people who may not follow you if they have a similar interests.    For more information refer to the chapter in this book on "Finding Followers". 

16. Question: How do I identify a retweeter?

Answer: Look at their timeline and you'll see that the majority of the content is retweeted from the people they follow.       

17. Question: How can I reach a larger audience?

Answer: Approximately 1% of your followers are on-line at the same time. So by having other users retweet to their followers, you can expand your reach.  

18. Question:  Should I follow people with a lot of followers?

Answer: Don't be impressed with large numbers. More importantly the question to be asked is will they follow back and retweet for you?  

19. Question:  How do I educate my followers about Twitter?

Answer:  Follow The Retweet Train @MisterSalesman and RT information to your followers using this hashtag #MRetweettrain.

20. Question:  Sh
ould I follow celebrities and famous people?

Answer: Why make famous people more famous? They aren't going to follow you, and they're not going to retweet. 

21. Question: What is the #1 Golden Rule we should follow on Twitter?

Answer: Never follow someone who doesn't follow you. 

22. Question: Is there a program I can use to identify and  unfollow people?

Answer: Yes, there are several, but I use Crowdfireapp.com  

23. Question: What is the meaning of Fans on Crowdfireapp.com?

Answer: Fans are users who followed you, and you did not follow back.


24. Question:  Why am I restricted from Tweeting?

Answer:  It means that you're suspected of spamming. If you wait a few hours, you will find the suspension has been lifted.  There is an unspecified ratio that is monitored, the number of tweets to the number of followers.

25. Question: Do third party vendors like Crowdfireapp.com have access to my Twitter password?

Answer:  No, your Twitter password is protected and not shared.  

26. Question: What should I do if someone without anything in their bio/profile, no tweets, and only 20 or so followers follows me? They only follow a few people.

Answer: My advice--don't pick and choose because most of the times, you're going to be dead wrong. Here are two examples; when I followed @StevenTaibbi, he had 54 followers and a few months later 15,000. And then there is @DMetamorphoses, who had 130, and a few months later 25,000 followers. Both of them are strong supporters and used the strategies in this book.

27.  Question: What is the fastest way to brand yourself on Twitter?

Answer:  Branding is about giving the customer a good experience so they can tell everyone about it.  That's worth more than any amount of money that you spend on ad campaigns.

28. How do I find out how many people are really seeing my tweets?

Answer:  Twitter released the long-awaited Twitter analytics platform. It's free to everyone.   The platform will make you a better marketer. The problem, it's not easy to access. It seems like the instructions change everyday.  You may have to do a Google search.     

1. Click on the “Account and Billing” option at the top right and select “Billing History”.

2. It will  take you to the billing page.

3.Click on the “Switch to Advanced” option.

A popup which was showing Basic account v/s Advanced account features.

4.Click on Advanced I became an advanced account users and finally became able to view my Twitter account analytics.

29.  Question: How do I find out how many people click on my profile? 

Answer: More than 50% of users click on your profile before hitting the follow button. Your profile tells who you are. It's like a job resume so make sure that it sells, you. Currently, I average over 37,000 profile clicks a month and 15,000 followers.  How do I know that figure? Twitter analytics. See the previous question for details.

30. What is an expert?

Answer: A person who fucked up more  times than anyone else. And wasn't afraid to go down the trail that was least traveled and be chased by a saber tooth tiger; running, hiding, maneuvering, until he finds the gold. Then he becomes a sought-after expert.

31. Question:  What is meant by "on pace" to hit 100,000 followers?

Answer:  Now that is a very good question because everyone is on pace to hit 100,000 followers, maybe not in this lifetime but nevertheless they're on pace.   For it to be meaningful, you want to hit 100,00 followers in the shortest time.  Since it took me less than a year (with constant experiments going on), anyone can duplicate it in the same time frame. It's a system that works if you work the system.

32.  Question: How do I retweet someone's pinned tweet?

Answer:  That is a very good question.  I wondered why so many pinned tweets were not being retweeted.  Click on the individual's Twitter handle and then click on full details at the bottom of page. It will take you to  their timeline and you'll see the pinned tweet. Click the two arrows at the bottom to retweet.  If you've retweeted it before then you'll click once to unretweet and then click again to retweet.

33. Question;  How do I turn off my notification on my DM page?

Answer: At the top right corner of the DM page click on the three dots ... click turn off notifications and that will turn it off for that person.

34. Question: How do I follow a person and prevent their tweets and retweets from appearing in my timeline?

Answer Click on the individual profile and the top right corner is a symbol of a wheel. Click mute and it will prevent their tweets and retweets from appearing in your timeline.

35. Question:  What is meant by "on pace" to hit 100,000 followers?

Answer:  Now that is a very good question because everyone is on pace to hit 100,000 followers, maybe not in this lifetime but nevertheless they're on pace. For it to be meaningful, you want to hit 100,00 followers in the shortest time.  That's why I recommend this book "How To Gain 100,000 Followers" to anyone who's serious about building a huge Twitter platform.

36. Question:  Should I follow someone who only has 38 followers?

Answer:  Of course, you should.  In January 2015, I followed @DMetamorphoses and she had 38 followers. I showed her the strategies that are now in my book HTG100K.   She now has 36,000 followers!

37.  Question : How do I find a pinned tweet so I can  retweet it? 

Answer: Click on the person's tweet stream. It will be at the top of page Not avail mobile devices

38.  Question: If you follow someone - how much time do you give them before you unfollow?  

Answer: If you run  your Twitter account like a business then  48-72 hours. Allow more time on the weekends since its the best days for people to follow back.  For a more in-depth look at the reasons why you should adopt an unfollow strategy, please refer to my book HTG100K followers.      Available Now

39.  Question: Should I follow bots?
Answer:   Why not?  Bots retweet too, don't they?   But I wouldn't knowingly follow them, nor would I go out my way to unfollow them, unless they become annoying.

40.  Question:  How do you block all spammers at once?

Answer: Well, that's like asking how to get rid of all   terrorists at once.  Homeland Security gathers intelligence information to identify where terrorist cells are located then eliminate. That's pretty much what you have to do with spammers--identify then block them one at a time.  Sorry, but there's no other way besides dropping a nuclear bomb on a whole lot of innocent people:)P

41.  Question: If I mute someone, will I still get notified if they RT any of my tweets?

Answer:  A mute prevents you from seeing someone's tweets in your timeline. You still receive notifications and while staying connected.  Plus, muted users are not notified when they are muted. It's half way between blocking and not. So the  answer to your question is a resounding yes!

42.  Question:  Is there a faster way to find someone who mentioned me, than scrolling down my Notifications page?

Answer:  Yes, there is a faster way. At the top of your screen you'll see Notifications and if you look right below, you'll see Notifications listed again--then below that you'll see Mentions.  Click and your troubles are over. I think I'll send you my bill on this one. 

43.  Question: I bother following people with TrueTwit validation? Whats it even for?

Answer: If you're using the strategies in HTG100K then you don't have to worry about following or unfollowing users of Truetwit Validation.       But I know how you feel- receiving  a zillion Truetwit notices clogging your notification box.   

TrueTwit promises it’s users three things.

1. Verify people from robots
2. Avoid Twitter spam
3. Save time  

According to   Inbounderish  Minnesota Marketing Specilists.  "The problem is, TrueTwit doesn’t really do any of those things. 

Because these followers are casual, it’s very unlikely that they will click through your TrueTwit link and fill out the CAPTCHA. They weren’t that interested in you in the first place. They saw you, thought you might be interested, followed you, and now realize that was a mistake."

Now I couldn't have said it better. I hope that helps, and one other thing.  If you believe TrueTwit can verify bots by someone typing in CAPTCHA.  I got a nice piece of land in  Florida, I would like to sell you.  Poor subscribers--there are people fooled everyday.

44. Question: Why Follow people who don't follow you?
Comment:  I follow them because they are interesting, entertaining, and wise.

Answer: Now that's a good answer if you're using Twitter for fun or leisure.  But it's the wrong answer for business people everywhere!  Dig deeper, my sweet dumpling and you'll discover why users don't follow back.  It's an unfollow strategy used my some folks to avoid the Twitter 2,000 limit, while leaving stuck with few followers. The average user on Twitter has less than 1,000 followers. Learn more in my HTG100k book  Available Now.



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Question: @MisterSalesman @sacha_black isn't there a danger of RTs crossing the line into spamming if too many of them?

Answer:  That's a very good question.  Your   retweets and tweets are added together in your Tweet count.  There is an undisclosed Twitter limit of what is considered to be excessive activity or spamming.  The rule of the thumb is to keep a 1 to 1 ratio across the board.  Tweets to Follwers to Following.  For example, my current ratio:  Tweets 121K, Following 130k,  Followers 128K. Although I tweet and retweet a lot, things are pretty darn close to 1 tweet/retweet per follower and following.

46. Question:  @ShalimarTroy   T

 Do you use lists?  How can you ever read through 100,000 followers' tweets.

Answer:  That is an excellent question, which is covered in more detail in my book How To Gain 100,000 Followers.  It can be a time consuming task with 100,000 followers, trying to navigate through the excess noise and Tweets.

Some users create lists of people they want to see in their Twitter stream.  I don't use lists because they are too cumbersome.  Instead, I operate 100% of the time from my navigation page, which means I only see retweets and mentions.

It also means if you don't retweet for me, I will never see your tweets and unfortunately, I will never retweet for you. As your followers increase, you have to use strategies that save time and more efficient.  My secrets are revealed in the HTG100K book-- buy a copy and you'll be amazed how fast you gain followers.  Limited time only--Free 1 on 1 Twitter consultation via DM with proof of purchase.


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