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Prospecting Part II


           The Art of Sales Prospecting  Part II

                         "To win the game you must know the rules"      

     M Le'Mont The Point Of No Return "Who Was This Back Alley Dog- Pimp Coat Wearing Punk With My Wife?" 


            The Art of Sales Prospecting  Part II

                         "To win the game you must know the rules"

By M. Le'Mon

When the big bad wolf is hungry, he will eat you. But is it okay 
for you to eat the big bad wolf if you're hungry?  

If so, then he who eats first

I sat down with DPG and convinced him to do Part II on
how to prospect in network marketing
 when you run out of friends
and relatives.  

The techniques can be used in any sales prospecting.

If you were lucky to catch Part 1, then you know you're in  
for a real treat with network marketing pro DPG at the helm.

This workshop was designed to remove the fear of prospecting
and help master the art of prospecting.

                                        Study Workshop

Host:    Hey, DPG welcome again.

DPG:     Glad to be here.  I see we have about 50 people on
the call

First, let me say that I'm not a teacher, I just like to share with
folks the things that are working for me.

Then you can modify it or change it to make it work for you.  

At least you have some evidence that it's working for somebody.

I thought that was a great opening story about the wolf.

To master the art of the invitation you must be mentally ready.  

That's the problem with
 most sales people they're afraid of

Being prepared mentally is 80% of mastering the art of prospecting.  

You must be fearless; eat or get eaten.

The wolf also must know he's in danger.  

I prefer to do things a little different than most people.  

I rather operate in a cold market because I have
unlimited prospects.

Right now I've narrowed it down to a target market
of entrepreneurs that advertise their business on car doors.

I know you have seen those magnetic signs plastered
on the side of a vehicle's door.

Have you ever wondered why they would deface their vehicle
with a sign?

It's simple - they need more customers, and they want someone
to call

Well guess what?    

I'm calling them and inviting them to take a look at my video
because I'm a fellow business man
and I have what they need.   

Does that make sense?  

There are thousands of vehicles that have cell numbers on
the front door that you can call every day and invite them
  to your presentation or video.

They are self employed and already know what it means to be
their own boss.

And believe me, they are looking for a second income and 
the perfect

That's how smart people think.  They think differently.

Here's what I say to get an invitation going:

Hey....Is this Joe's Catering ?

Okay good.   May I speak with Joe?

Joe I just got your cell number off your truck, how long have
you been in the catering business?

Okay, 12 years, that's great.  

How is it working for you?

Joe I'm going to get right to the point.  

I'm a fellow business owner and I just ran across some
valuable information that I believe will fit good with your
business and attract a lot of customers.

After all, that's why you're advertising to get more

Okay then,  I want to send you a link to a video that
explains the program, and I have a hunch that once you see
it you will want to know more.

Now  I know you're busy but can you watch it in
the next couple of days? 

Okay fine, I'll call you  back on Friday and answer your questions.   

Okay, nice talking with you and my name is DPG.

I'll be sending it in a few minutes along with a short article.

The End:  Okay now that's pretty much how I do it.  

I keep it short and own the

Take control and own the conversation and let the prospect
know you'll call in a couple of days,  
which assures that he
will watch the video.  

The next step: follow up and then, always there's a next step. 

Well that's pretty much it.  You will feel a little awkward doing
it at first, but if you take the time to work on it, I guarantee you'll
have unlimited prospects and unlimited success.

Thanks, that's it for me, I hope you got something out of it.  

If you would like to take a look at the private video that
DPG is sending to his prospects, please click here.   

Get free report How to make money using the internet.   

M. Le' Mont is a Writer, Marketing Scientist, and IBO of 14 websites.


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