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Prospecting Part I



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         The Art of Sales Prospecting Part I

(Warm Market Approach)

2 Min 2 sec
No Skimming

by M. Le'Mont

"Always be ready.  Someone said there's a dragon out there,  
well, I don't know what he wants, maybe he's just passing by, 
but I'm a
 dragon killer, and I'm ready to slay his ass!"

A master salesman is always confident and owns the conversation.  

It's great to watch how a master salesman gets a sales prospect.

I had a chance to capture a live work shop with DPG whom I
consider a master of the invitation, this is Part 1 of a
two part series.  

DPG has probably forgotten more than what most people know
about getting prospects to the dinner table.

So sit back and kick your shoes off, I guarantee you
will enjoy this new way of prospecting.  

This guy is very intelligent and genuine.  

If you are looking to be successful in network marketing,
it starts with mastering the art of the invitation.  

If you can't get people to meetings, watch a video, or allow
you to do home presentations then you're pretty much done. 

As you read, focus on these four basic points.   

1.  Always be busy 

2.  Pique curiosity  

3.  Keep the conversation short, less than 75 seconds

4.  Don't mix the invitation with the presentation

5.   Be the trailer (under 2 minutes) and not the movie (2 hours

                                 Live Workshop with DPG

Host:    Hey, guys this is Lloyd Smith, and I want to thank
everyone for attending this liv
e audio this evening.  

We have people from all across the country:  California, Texas,
Ohio, Oklahoma, Wash,
D.C, Ohio, Kansas, and Michigan.

And the topic tonight is Mastering the Art of the Invitation, 
and we have DPG the founder DPG Networks.

He has been
in direct sales for over 30 years.

Are you there DPG?

DPG:   Yes I am thank you for the introduction.  

Well guys the hardest thing for most sales people is
learning how to ge
t a prospect to watch a presentation.

More presentations = More Sales  

It doesn't
matter what the product or service, 
the mechanics are the  same.  

Now this is not a teaching moment, I just want to share
some of the mistakes I made and some of the adjustments, 
then I'll do the invite that I use to grow my business.  

The invite that I use is 5 minutes or less.

I will also share  the results which is pretty

But I have to admit, when I first came into this
business I just talked too much, I mean I blabbered all
over the place.  

Now my invite is 5 minutes or fewer, and
even that may be too long, but it works for

How do I know its working?  I get results.  

I call people at work or late at night because I'm not
calling to shoot the breeze.

I want them to be busy, and I'm also busy.  

I want to keep it short, and I want to be the trailer instead
of the 2 hour movie

You should keep it under 3 minutes I'm still a little long
winded but again it works for me, so extract from this
what you want to make it work for you.

My objectives are very simple.

I have it written right here posted on my

                                Load Up the Bases

1. Call and ask permission to send the video

2.  Pique curiosity to watch the video 

3.  Ask them how soon can they watch video 

4.  Tell them you will be calling in a couple days to answer questions

5.  Call back in a couple of days

However, in the beginning and I want you to know
I didn't do any of the above

I talked too much and told them everything  about the company,
mixing the invite with presentation is never good.

That's what the damn video is for.  

Now let me say this before I forget, whenever you have
the chance to be there with your prospect, watch the
video with them it is much more effective. 

Another thing I did wrong was, I didn't ask their
permission to send the video,
and I didn't ask how long it
would take them to watch it, and I left it up to them
if they had any questions to call me.

Well guess what?    

I sent out 25 videos and not one single
person ever called me back!  

It wasn't until two
things happened that I realized my mistake.  

My very best friend told me,  DPG if you don't ask when they
can watch the video  and if  you  don't tell them when
you will call them back, they will never watch the darn thing.

And the other lesson is when I sent the video to an associate
that agreed to watch it, later confessed that  someone 
had sent it to her 2 months ago, but never called back. 

I realized right then the importance of following up.

So I changed my approach and corrected the blunders.  

I sent out another 25 videos, and 18 people signed up by loading up the bases

So I'm not telling you something that may work I'm telling
you something that's already working for me and it can work
for you, as well.  

Everybody's life is full of clutter and too much information,
and it seems nobody  has time to do anything.

So you must learn how to get around it and be the dragon slayer
if you want to succeed.

Another thing if they started asking, what it is I simply
tell them I don't have time to go into it, because it takes too
much time to explain.  

I know you're at work, and I'm also a little busy, so I'm going to let the video do its job, and I have a hunch that once you see it you'll find it

I don't ever call someone and ask them for their opinion
because I think it's trickery.  

That doesn't work for me I don't' want their opinion, so I don't
want people to think I lied to them.  

So I don't use that

                                     Here's the Invitation 

Okay here we go, I'm going to do an invite the way I do it.


Hi Ed, how are you doing?

And how's the family?  

Okay good, hey look here I know you're at work and got
stuff to do, and so do I.  

I was about to send you an email of a video but then I said,
hey I get videos all the time and I delete them, so I want
to get your permission to send you a video of something
that has value and could be important to you, so can I do that?  

Okay good excellent thanks.  

Now let me do this, let me back up a minute tell you a few
highlights of what I'm sending

I have in my possession a video of a global transaction business
that, and when a friend of mine first saw it, I mean an old
friend we've been friends for over 40 years; done a few business
deals together so I trust him.  

Here's what he told me that really got me interested.  

He said, back in the 50's Bank of America sent out 60, 000 direct mail pieces to people with a credit card in it, and at the time nobody even
knew what it was,  it was MasterCard.  

Now that's how MasterCard got started and later changed the world.  

It changed the way people did business forever.

This video that I am sending is a snapshot of the
MasterCard business model and has the same potential to
change the way business is done in the world.  

This is not an idea or an invention or product.  

It is a 10 year old company with a proven track record,
42 countries and doing 1 billion a month in transactions,
like MasterCard it has no products.

I think this has the earmarks of a major home run and quite
frankly, I want to let a few of my close friends and close
associates know about it.  

Now let me stop and ask you this, when do think you can watch it?

Good. Okay I'll call Tuesday around 7:30 and I'll give you a 
call and answer any questions.  

Now there are two things that you will say:  A,  I like it, tell me
more, or B, I'm not interested.  

I want you to know I am good with either one because no one
can make an intelligent decision unless they have all the facts.  

And if you are interested, I will get you all the facts.

I want you to know all your questions will be answered.  

Okay, so I will send the link to the video in about 30 minutes
and please do me a favor, don't tell anybody about it just yet.

It's just between you and I.  Okay, talk to you

End:  Now that's how I do the invitation.

I know that was wordy, so cut the fat out and make it
work for you, and your personality.

This was the 5th workshop I've done
today, so I apologize
for rambling.

In closing, I want you to believe what you have is phenomenal.

It's a global transaction business that has huge income potential.

Now own it and believe it!   

Thank you for listening.

M. Le'Mont is a Writer, Author, & Marketing Scientist. 

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