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Subject: How I weasled out of prospecting...
From: "Vitaly Grinblat" <letter@MagneticSponsoring.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2013 9:39 am
To: <Bob@refermycompany.com>

I admit that I absolutely couldn't stand prospecting.

I REALLY had to psych myself up to go out and meet strangers in shopping malls.

And I was always thinking how can Iget that done without me having to do it.

I guess that's how I ended up online eventually, though it took me a long time to figure that out.


One day I was sitting there thinking how can I get the right people to call me?

And it hit me.

I'll go and stick a note inside books at the bookstore, like "Think and Grow Rich", "Rich Dad Poor Dad", etc...

Only the right kind of people would even look at these books, so once they crack it open and see my note, they'll call me up.

I quickly imagined how I've struck gold AGAIN, and how I'm going to become a top recruiter and never have to talk to anyone again.

BTW, I've never heard anyone talk about this at the time, this "Lazy Prospecting" method came to me out of nowhere.

So I went to the nearest Barnes and Noble and started placing little pieces of paper inside all kinds of business and self-improvement books.

To my surprise I found a couple of business cards from others in some books.

And as you can imagine, this didn't work at all.

I guess if you stick a massive amount of these, eventually something will happen, but that's a really bad business strategy.


The whole idea of getting in front of already pre-disposed prospects is a sound strategy.

It's just the delivery mechanism I chose really SUCKED and required a lot manual labor.

But what if there was a way to get in front of a moving parade of HOT, ready-to-buy prospects?

On page 46 of Building On A Budget you'll discover a simple "piggyback" technique to getting MASSIVE amounts of FREE visitors to your website without doing any of the work yourself...

This secret is so powerful you'll be scratching your head as to why you haven't used it before.

BUT... you must do it RIGHT or you won't get a single visitor and only destroy your credibility.

And you don't have to go sticking business cards in books, unless you really want to.

Check out the details right here...  http://buildingonabudget.com/letter.php?obc=1&obc=1&utm_source=ms_vg_internalm&utm_medium=email&utm_content=4-12-13-boabpromo&utm_campaign=dailyBroadcast


Vitaly Grinblat,
Editor, Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter

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