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        The Secret Powers of the Retweet

Did you Retweet today?  

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By M. Le'Mont 

The simplicity of Twitter makes it one of the top Social Media
networks for building an online community and driving traffic
to your website or blog. 

However, most Twitter users focus on the number of 
Twitter followers instead of the quality of the followers.

This is significant when it comes to the Secret Powers of
the Retweet.   Read article:  http://bit.ly/1hJe5dG

In the end, quality of followers is more important
than sheer numbers. 

Quality- How many of your followers are active   
and tweeting on a regular basis?

How many people are interested in your cause?

Statistics show, less than 1 % of total followers
will see your message; 1% of that number will actually respond. 

That means if you have 100,000 followers, only
1,000 will see your message in their timeline;

You will have less than 10 people, click on your link
to read your content.  

And providing that you have some incredible content, 
1% or one person will Retweet to their followers.

So what is the value in a lot of followers?  Not much.  

It's an illusion that makes you appear popular.

It's far better having a small group of loyal, die hard
followers that will retweet and read your content, than a large
audience of invisible and non responsive people.
However, when it works there's power in the Retweet.  

The Retweet allows your Twitter  followers to forward  
or resend your headline message and back link to their
network, which increases exposure to your blog or website.

If you are an author or writer, then read 10 Things You Must Know About Twitter   http://bit.ly/1hJe5dG

"In the past, word of mouth was the best form of  advertising,
 with one customer telling another one, but now a simple
Retweet can reach  thousands if not millions in one push
of the button"

            Here are 10 Secret Powers of the Retweet 

1.  Determine what is your Twitter goal or purpose.

2.  Look for Followers that are active determined by the number
of tweets, # of retweets, and the date of their last tweet.  

3. Form a Retweet Alliance-  Take the initiative and
retweet somebody's message.  Read  http://bit.ly/1hJe5dG

Do it every day and eventually they will get the hint.  

4.  Add the phrase "please Retweet (RT) at the end of your
headline or message

5.  Always add in your message a back link to your website or blog.  

If you don't have a website, then you reduce your chance of success.

 social media sites, you're a sharecropper on someone
else's land, and they can kick you off anytime.  

Copy Blogger wrote an excellent article why Sharecropping 
is the biggest risk to building an on-line community.

So develop your own land, and while you're sharecropping on
 theirs....get a website.  

   Write compelling headlines, that get your readers
to click on your link.

7.  Call to action - at the end of your article,
always tell 
your readers to retweet.

8.  Write remarkable content that make readers want to retweet.

9.  Make sure your tweet headline is relevant
to the content on your website. 

10.  I've started a Retweet campaign.  When you see my tweet,
 did you Retweet today?  Well I did.  Let it be a reminder.   

Imagine, if everyone would make at least one retweet a day.  


10 Things You Must Know About Twiiter http://bit.ly/1hJe5dG

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M. Le'Mont is an author, writer, and networking marketer, IBO of 14 websites

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