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Pot of Gold

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   There's a Pot of Gold hidden
   Deep in Every Company

by M. Le' Mont

So let’s talk about an area of your business that you
can turn into a Pot of Gold; the underused or hidden assets.

Since, I don’t know your current business model
I’m going to cite an example, then I want you to come
back to this 2 minute VIDEO and see if it can work for you.

It was an email from Bob Serling that got my creative 
thoughts flowing.

Everyone knows that Henry Ford is known for
making cars.

But what most people don't know is that one of the
by products of building so many cars was a lot of left
over wood chips and shavings from the interior of cars.
So Henry Ford did a bit of research and came across
a process to turn left over wood chips into charcoal briquettes. 

Ford and a partner started the Kingsford Charcoal 
Company  and that company has sales of $350 million 

Every business has underused or hidden assets 
you just have
to keep digging until you find them.

I had a client that owned a service company, who searched
for some underused or hidden assets within his company.

The company was a third party biller and the customers
originated from their clients.   


                So where were the hidden assets?

They were hidden deep within the company but
wasn't visible to the negative eye.

The process took over 6 months then one day he
had an
 Eureka moment!

He was sitting on a  global shopping program  
that he believed would change the face of commerce.


The hidden asset was the "customers," who originated 
from a third party client, whom his company had only a
brief one-time
when they paid their bill.  

The company became a loyalty merchant of  the largest shopping community in the world and  gave every customer a loyalty card,
that gives cash back and loyalty benefits when used at 
over 100,000 point of sales acceptance.  

As a participating Small to Medium size merchant, he earned
a small piece of spending transaction when his customers shopped someplace else within the network, this eventually turned
into a substantial monthly revenue stream that
exceeded his core business.  

Smart merchants

The company took a hidden asset, “customers” whom they would
see again and connected it to a loyalty program, which
turned into a Pot of Gold

Do you have customers that you can turn into a Pot of Gold?  

Watch this 2 minute opportunity Video.

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M. Le'Mont is a writer, network marketer, and IBO of 1 websites.

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