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Never Sell Free



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              Wait A Minute!  
        Don't  Give Your Book Away For Free

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by M LeMont

If you tried to buy any of my novels for free, I would have to tell you professionally that you couldn't buy them, and you should seek another author.

It's business so don't take it personal. But if you came to me with four quarters then that paints a different picture.  You could buy the
Holy Shit I Bet You Didn't Know Series on Sale for 99 Cents 

I just  thought you should know to save both of us some time and an 
embarrassing situation.  

Wait a minute, this is not a self-indulging or shameless promotion. I'm trying to make a serious point here so stay with me, okay? 

It makes me sick when I see a tweet that reads, "DOWNLOAD MY FREE BOOK," or FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY 2 days left.  

 It's your novel for goodness sake, that we're talking about here---that took months to write. 
 When you sell 
a book at 0.99 cents--2.99 that's free enough.  

Now I don't know about you, but I bleed each time I sit down to write a book. (figuratively speaking) 
And to think about giving it away for free would be like a prostitute paying her suitor to do business with her.     

But the concept of free has depth, but not with your novels.  Free books should be written expressly for that purpose "free" but as separate books; 10-20 pages of quality content that motivates the reader to buy your other books. They should include in the back of the book; excerpts, teaser chapters, trailers, and links to your other books.   The more books you have, the more they feed off each other and generate more sales.

Now here's a kicker for you.  Due to operational costs Amazon only allow e-books to be offered free every 90 days through their KDP Select program, which you have to be a paid member.
Even Amazon knows "free" doesn't always mean free.  

An excellent book to learn more about Free Books,  is by Sean Pla
tt, Write, Publish, Repeat. (The No-Luck Required Guide to Self Publishing             

To make money with free books you should write them specifically to be free and offer valuable information. And some readers will buy your other books offered in the back of the "Free" book.

I've written  Holy Shit! I Bet You Didn't Know This.  as "Free" give away. I'll offer it free every 90 days.  Until then, four quarters can get you a copy.

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