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Network Training Series



                         Become a Network Marketing Pro
          Network Marketing Course 24 Lessons  

by M. Le'Mont

If you want to become a network marketing pro then take this
"free" 24
lesson MLM network marketing training 
course, which 

I personally designed
 for the most experienced network
 and the newcomer.  

It is based on 25 years of direct sales experience, almost one
lesson per year.  

I guarantee the course will knock your socks off with more
knowledge than you can stand.   

Warning:  The course contains powerful material,   
don't attempt to  read and digest all at once.  

If you're looking for something to reignite that spark or
make you take action, you just found the
dynamite to do it. 

Start Here:

                Network Marketing Course 

Lesson 1:   The Greatest Motivational Speech Ever

Lesson 2:   Heartfelt Message to Network Marketers

Lesson 3:   The Art of the Invitation

Lesson 4:
      If You Don't Build Your Dream, Someone Will Hire You to Build Theirs.  

Lesson 5:     How to Master the Invitation Part 1

Lesson 6:     The Invitation Part II  

Lesson 7:     Smart Merchants  Lesson

Lesson 8:    Emerald Project

Lesson 9:
 Why Goal Setting Doesn't Work 95% of the time 


Lesson 10:   How to Turn Ordinary Expenses Into Income

Lesson 11:  Quit Trying To Pander to Your Leaders  

Lesson 12:  How to Recruit a Six Figure Income Earner

Lesson 13:  Closing the Sale - How to Create Urgency Without Being a Thug About It!

Lesson 14:  The Harvard Criteria for choosing a Network Marketing company

Lesson 15:   Referral Directory - Pick your company

Lesson 16:  Autoship The Naked Truth  

Lesson 17:
 The Gold Business Standard

Lesson 18:  False Leaders

Lesson 19:   I Was Blind but now I See

Lesson 20:   The Power of Lucky Streaks 

Lesson 21:   How Would You Like to get Paid to Just Live 

Lesson 22:   MLM Deal Making 

Lesson 23:  Digital Sharecropping 

Lesson 24:  4 Steps What You need to do now   

If your interested in viewin a project I'm currently working
on click here for private video.  

For more information, email or call me at 832-489-3619

Invitation Only:  Do not copy or distribute video 

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M. Le'Mont is a Writer, Network Marketer, and IBO of 14 websites

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