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Natural Born Salesman

Subject: A Natural Born Salesman
 From:     bob@refermycompany.com 
Date:      Tue, Sep 17, 2013 9:15 am
To:        Emerald Team

Emerald Project- Get the word out!

Good Morning Team,

I know many people would not consider themselves
"A Natural Born Salesman", but that's what you are.  

It started when you were a baby.

You cried when you wanted your bottle.
You cried for someone to hold you.
You cried to get your way.

You learned at an early age how to get what you wanted.

And as you got older, you changed your approach.

You found out crying no longer worked
on grown folks.

Here's a case in point.

My neighbor's 4 year old son is a natural born salesman.

The other day, he met my wife as she was getting out the car.

He said since it's morning, can we go walking?

She replied, well Bryson it's not morning it's evening.  

He said, does that mean, we can't go walking?

Wow!  Good come back.

Then on another occasion, Bryson came by, rung the doorbell.

I was little busy, so I was about to tell him my wife wasn't home.

But he had my wife's plant in his hand, and said Mrs.H
plant needs some water.

I'll take care of it for her and he walked right in the house.

Awesome closing skills!

He made it virtually impossible for me to say no.


You see, we all were born to sell.  

Some of us like little Bryson do it better that others.

That's because you forgot the basics.

You made it complicated.

No matter what you're selling,
it's the technique that counts.

Keep it simple.

In our business "Enrollment is "free".

"You get a website and a video that
explains the program. 

Let me get some basic information
and I'll get you started."

Now that's taking charge like little Bryson walking in my house with
my wife's plant in his hands, do you get my point?

Change your words.

Change your approach.

And assume everyone wants to enroll.

Until that day...make every moment count!

If you would like to sharpen up you selling skills and be part of a winning team, click here.

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