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Multi Level Marketing



              The Buffet Truth About Multi Level Marketing

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By M. Le'Mont

To discover the shocking truth about Multi Level Marketing, all you need to do is follow the credible activities of a few successful billionaires: Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki,  Paul Zane Pilzer, and Richard Branson.

They all have  one thing in common.

Besides making money, they all endorsed or purchased
network marketing companies.

                                                     Follow the Money

-2008 Warren Buffet acquired a network marketing company called, the
Pampered Chef.

-2009 Warren Buffet went on a buying spree and shocked Wall Street.  
He bought 12 network marketing companies and later stated, "these were
some of the best investments I've ever made."

-2010 Donald Trump endorsed ACN, a network marketing company and the
 founders appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice.  In 2009 Donald Trump
started Trump Network Marketing company.

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-Both Robert Kiyosaki, and Donald Trump
openly stated: "if I had to do it all over again,
instead of building a traditional business,
"I would start a network  marketing company.

- U.S. companies like Avon, Herbal Life, Mary Kay,
and Amway, expanded to the third world countries
where the people have a passion for network marketing
sales increased dramatically.

- Korea and Japan- one out of every six people are
engaged in some type of network marketing activity.

- It is estimated that every 24 hours about 80,000
people around the world, who are not in network
marketing will become network marketing reps by
this time tomorrow.  That's simply amazing.

                           The Revolution has begun

With traditional methods of advertising slowly dying,
and a new paradigm shift underway, many name brand 
are turning to the largest Global shopping network
that offers a Loyalty rewards program in over 42 countries.   

Free membership to over 3.5 million members, it offers
cash back and huge incentives to shop within the system 
of over 30,000 merchants.

It also provide visionaries with the opportunity for
real wealth creation potential that can be passed down for
generations to come.

It may serve you well to watch a 2 minute Video  
that explains it better.

Multi Level Marketing is stimulating the economic
growth of 
countries around the world.

It gives people hope that they can become financially
independent and providing a
 more efficient means of
marketing products and services.

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M. Le'Mont is a author, and IBO of 14 websites and network marketer.

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