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                        An Author's Journey
           (Dare to Be Great, Great Motivational Speech)  

By M. Le'Mont              Copyright © 2014 

"...at seven the kids laughed at me because I wore a suit to school. Mom said don't worry son...one day they will be your workers."

How did I ever complete this book?  I ask that question every day. I wrote it--smack dab in the middle of chaos.  No family support and no fanfare. My wife filed for divorce, and the business I founded fifteen years ago was
on life support and slowly dying.

So this is my journey how I did it.  I hope  it helps somebody to push through the same shit.

Look at me... look right here.  Inside is a lion, a third generation,
which is much stronger and more powerful than me.  Whatever you do makes me want it more and sharpens my skills.  I'll never give up.  

You must keep writing or whatever you aspire to do.  
Never give up! Never!

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I don't care whether it's writing a book, network marketing,
sales job, or income opportunity, sooner or later something
happens, and the fire begins to die out.

You run into
negative people; your friends start telling
you things that discourage you.

Your spouse says, "How long are you going to do this honey?  
I'm trying to support you, but I don't know how long I can, 

nobody wants to buy your book why don't you find a real job."  

Then you begin to feel real uncomfortable.

Doubt sets in and fear is right behind it, telling you to

The wind is knocked out of you, and the carpet is pulled from
under your feet, and you start convincing yourself; "I can't do
this... this is not what I thought it was...
I wanted to do it but
it's harder than I thought."  

You say, "I don't know if this is what I really want to do." 
Then you get beyond the point that you just flat out
get negative... "I thought, I could do it, but right now I am
hurting so bad; I'm hurting financially, maybe I should
do something else." 

Now here is the real kicker, that eventually takes you out.
You start comparing yourself to other authors or peers
who's only been doing it a short time.
You say, "Why is it taking me so long to make it?  
Joe's only been writing for a few months, and has a
Best Seller. I've been writing much longer and doing
the same thing he's doing and it's not working."


Now, I don't have a crystal ball to tell you how long
it's going to take you to become a great author or anything
else you aspire to become. But I can tell you this, if you never
give up you're going to hit that magic moment where everything
takes off for you, and you're a success.

Then the hard work and sacrifice will be well worth it.

What you don't understand, everybody's labor is different. 

It's like a woman having a baby... every mother's labor pain is different; some women go into labor two hours while others are in labor 10 -20 hours, but in the end when their child is born, they forget about their labor pain. They are focused on the fruits of their labor, their child.

That's how you'll feel when you achieve success.  

It won't matter how long it took.  

You will forget the pain, and you won't care what you went
through to get there.  

As a matter of fact, you will appreciate it more
and will learn a lot more, if your labor was longer
and more painful than
someone else's.

However, you have to keep writing so when that
day comes you'll have more books for your fans. 

It's not going to be easy because NOBODY is going to be
rooting for you, NOBODY believes in you. 

But you must feel the fear and do it anyway.

People are going to do what they can to discourage you
because they don't have the same mindset. 

Your friends are not going buy your 
book or give you a book review.

You must press on in despair.

Every famous author was an unknown author that didn't give up;
he didn't listen to negative people.

Here are two stories I hope will stick with you.

There was a frog that was ambitious and jumped in a bucket of
cream, and as he drank, he discovered he couldn't get out.

There were other frogs sitting at the edge of the bucket,
laughing and telling him he was a fool and couldn't get out...
but he kept smiling and jumping trying to escape.

His friends, continued to try to discourage him, shouting how
stupid he was for jumping into the bucket, when the bucket
was too deep to get out.  

The ridicule and mocking went on for hours.

However, the frog kept trying with a smile on his face....
he continued to jump... and jump... and jump.

Eventually, the frog jumped out the bucket!   

Now what do you think was his motivation?  

a. He wanted to prove them wrong
b. He had the will to live
c.  None of the above

Answer: c  None of the above.   The helpless frog was deaf.  

He couldn't hear a word of what the other frogs were saying.  

As a matter fact, he thought they were cheering him on,
he thought they were telling him you can do it, don't
give up... and he was so motivated he jumped out!  

However, if he had heard what they were really saying he would
have quit,
 failed, and  died in the bucket.  

You have to do the same, be deaf when your friends say negative
things to you.

They don't want you to succeed.  

They don't want you to leave them behind.  

Think about it... how would you feel if your friend hit the lottery and changed his life and left you behind?

See what I mean?  It's just human nature to feel that way.

Now there's a story about a special species of crabs that are
very hard to catch.  

Fishermen rarely catch or ever lay eyes on this species. 

However, when they do, the meat is so exquisite; the fishermen
can fetch a nice price for the

The fishermen drop a large cage into the water with bait and a
hole in the top of the cage.

One by one, the crabs are attracted by the bait and from seeing  
other crabs in the cage.
  Eventually the cage becomes full .   

Now once the bait is gone,  a single crab will attempt to
crawl out of the cage by clawing its way up to the side of the cage.

When the other crabs see this, they pull the crab back
down into the cage.

If it continues to persist to get out, the other crabs will chew
off his claws, and if necessary they will kill it to keep it
in the cage!  

This species of crabs is very sociable.  Like humans 
they'll do whatever it takes to prevent others from
getting ahead so
they won't be left behind.  

Negative words are as powerful as a chainsaw that cuts at the
very core of your being and kills your spirit.  

In the early stages of your goals, stay away from negative people.   

Most people are failures because they are scared to try
new, and will criticize you for trying.

They can't wait to say, I told you so.  

A man that has failed is much wiser than a man who has never
failed, no matter his education or background.

Jim Rohn said it's too bad failures don't give seminars.  

Now I want you to go out there and beat the odds every day. 

It's a Hero's Journey.

Explore the wondrous possibilities that God has made 
and don't be afraid to fail.

Adversity is your friend and success, once you obtain it, is your enemy.

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