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Monster Tidal Wave



   M LeMont The Point of No Return- "I thought it was me talking dirty that spiced things up, but she was thinking about another man!"   

     How to Find The Next Monster Tidal Wave 
          Using the Gold Business Standard

By M.

In this article, I will reveal how to find the next Monster Tidal Wave
using the Gold
Standard Business Model.

 I've looked at hundreds, if not thousands of
prospectuses, and business
and only a few passed
the test and
of them were quickly discarded
as being

Thomas Edison once said, "if I find 10,000 ways something
I haven't failed and I'm not discouraged, because
every wrong
discarded is often a step closer to what I
was looking

This is how I discovered the Monster Tidal Wave that measured up
to the rigid criteria of the Gold Standard Business Model.  


I also realized that to find a business model that replicates the Gold Standard  happens only once in every 50-100 years.   

 "When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare."      

That's why most people are classified as poor, not in the
true sense of the word, mind you, but poor in knowledge

and understanding of how things work:  the acronym for
POOR-  Passing Over Opportunities

The Gold Standard Business Model will help you make intelligent
business decisions and help you find the needle in the haystack, 
the next Monster Tidal Wave 
that creates Legacy Money
that you can leave for your family for generations to come.  

If this sort of thing interest you, at the
end of the article, you're invited to watch a private video with a
few of my other associates.

The Gold Standard Business Model - Visa and Master Card  

Compare every business opportunity to the business model of
Visa and
MasterCard, both companies are in the transaction business.

Every day, millions of people worldwide use a credit card to pay
for their transactions.

It started 50 years ago when Bank of America sent 60,000 direct mail pieces with a credit card in it... MasterCard, at that time very few people knew what it was.  

It later changed the way the world did business. 

Visa and MasterCard dominate the space as the only credit
card processors and franchisors with worldwide acceptance.     

What most people don't know, Visa and MasterCard are not
credit card issuers; and have no direct credit card
which also means they thrive in any
economic environment with
no products and no worries about delinquent
card payments.  

Both companies license their brand names on debit and credit

What makes this an electrifying business model is
Visa and MasterCard get a
small piece of almost
every shopping transaction
in the world.  

Since worldwide spending will continue as long as mankind is
in existence, it is a highly sustainable business model for years
to come.

Two decades ago, what if you had an opportunity to be
an early stage investor, employee, or a builder of
infrastructure of Visa or MasterCard  would you have acted
on the

Well, if you missed out on the Visa and MasterCard opportunity
, stay tuned and I will reveal a business model that measures
up to the
Gold Standard, but first you must know the criteria.    


      The Acid Test- Criteria for Comparing Business Models

Visa and MasterCard no direct products or customers
Sells every product invented that's in the economic system
80% of the people use Visa or MasterCard   
Gets a piece of shopping transaction in the world
Worldwide mass appeal
Free to customers
No direct credit card customers
Franchises the brand name
No delinquent consumer credit card payments
Over 26 million customers
30 year proven track record
Over 50 million point of acceptance
Gets a piece of every shopping transaction in the world
Charge merchants transaction fees
Long-term sustainable income
High Barrier to Entry
Doesn't have to reinvent products
Sells every product in the economic system
Global Currency
No exchange rates
Free Membership- no annual dues
Global accepted product
Legacy Money for years to come

                Monster Tidal Wave

I recently discovered a company who's business model  
measures up to 
that of  the Gold Standard. VIEWITNOW 

The scary thing is the criteria is almost exactly the same
as Visa and


 It's a company in the customer transaction business with
over 2.5 million members, in 42 countries, 10 year
track record,
and makes money on 
spending transactions around the globe.

When I first discovered it, I almost made the mistake that
most people make that it
 was  another rewards program.

Boy was I wrong!


I believe after digging in and looking deeply,
into the company ...this has all the "earmarks" of a major home run.

The more I look at the sustainability of the business model, the more irresistible the program became.   

4 Reasons Why You Should Put It On Your Radar Screen

1.  It passes the Acid Test of the Gold Standard

2. It's in the global consumer transaction business. 

3. Sustainable long-term income potential.

4.   Free membership, No annual dues

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