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Momentis over Ambit



   Would You Go Undercover in Network Marketing to Reveal the Truth?
         The Results of the Ambit Undercover Boss Operation

Why choose Momentis over Ambit, Stream, Ignite, 5 LINKs, ACN, and other energy MLM's   

It's all energy so what's the difference?

by M. Le'mont

With much trepidation I've decided to publish the results of the
two month, Ambit Undercover Boss Operation. 
How to Recruit a Six figure Income Earner  

I wanted to give an unbiased opinion of the two companies, 
but because of my relationship with Momentis it's impossible.  

So take it for what its worth an hopefully you will be able to make
an informed decision.

This article is for the Six Figure Income Earner as well for
anyone considering a Network Marketing opportunity.

If you are a Network marketer for any of the MLM energy
companies, congratulations for making a wise decision.

The energy market is a $500 billion dollar market and the
fastest growing industry in America; deregulation means
opportunity but you already knew that, right?

But what you didn't know is why you should have
chosen Momentis as your vehicle.  

Why drive a Volkswagen
when you can drive a Lamborghini
to achieve your financial goals? 

A long journey anywhere is fraught with danger and
disappointment, and to assure that you make it successfully you
need to arrive at your destination in the shortest time.  

The product is the same - it's all energy   

So why Momentis over Ambit?   

At first glance one would say, the pay structure, leadership
bonuses, and residuals, but they are so darn close, let's just
call it even.

So what is the big difference? 

The numbers behind the numbers gives you a startling
different picture.

Here are 5 undeniable reasons, why you should choose
Momentis over Ambit.

1.  Breakage

2. A Suite of 15 home essential services

3.  Momentis operates in all 52 states and 17 energy states;
and 2 countries.  

4.  Released a breakthrough product  that saves up to 20% on
 residential energy bills. Click Here   

5.  The parent company, Just Energy has deep pockets and
aggressively capturing market share.

So let's take a  look at what the MLM industry calls Breakage,  
the burnout or failure rate of  new recruits during their first
30 days.  

The difference between these numbers is staggering to say
the least.  

The industry burn out average is 65%, and Ambit is 45%, while
Momentis is only 7%.   

That means it will take Ambit leaders much longer to build an
organization, with 45% of the new recruits quitting shortly after
they start without getting a check.  

On the other hand new recruits that join Momentis generate a
check as soon as they enroll, because the qualifications are
much lower.  

Ambit requires a new recruit to get 2 energy customers and
believe it or not this is difficult when you are just starting out.    

Momentis requires only 1 customer out of its suite of 15 home
essential services. and that customer can be the rep himself.  

In  93% of the times, a new recruit receives a check for $100 in
his first 5 days, as opposed of not ever getting a check from Ambit.

Employee turnover is critical in any business enterprise.  It's takes
much longer to build a successful business if you can't retain a
significant portion of your employees during the first 30 days of
their training period.

Hey, I know this breakage thing is probably new to most network
marketers but don't take my word for it. Look at your back office
and see how many people in your down-line are not getting a check.

You will be shocked to discover it's probably closer to 80%.  

The old 80/20 rule. New recruits not getting a check the first 30 days
is not a good thing.

     Scores of Merchants want to use Momentis Marketing Sytem

Next let's take look at the number of products:   Momentis  has 15
products and Ambit has only one product. I had a devoted Ambit rep
tell me that it didn't make any difference.
 I gave him the following example:

What if we both were selling the famous iPhone but you were restricted
to selling only the  iPhone and could not sell any other products; and
furthermore you could only sell  the iPhone in 6 states, where Ambit
currently operates, and no other countries. 

However, what if  I had the freedom to sell the iPhone and  a host
of 12 other products like Apple Computers, Notebook computers,
iPads, iPods, etc. and I sold them in 52 states and two other
countries, now tell me who would make the most money?

And finally, the breakthrough residential Energy Mizer  saves up
to 20% of energy bills and puts Momentis in all 52
states whether
deregulated or not.

Now it must be noted that there is a big difference in the top
payout of Ambit's residual plan  vs. Momentis, but with the high
breakage, and high qualifications, the odds of achieving it,
would be like hitting the lottery.

So in the end I guess it comes down to loyalty.  Really?  Loyalty
doesn't mean much, if your network marketing company expects you
to work for less selling the same product.  

How can you be loyal to that?  

The only loyalty that counts is to Yahweh, your family, and reaching
your financial goals in the shortest time possible.

Unless your network marketing company is willing to up the ante and
become more competitive, it just makes sense to consider your options.

Remember you're not making a commitment you're just taking the
vehicle for a test drive.

If you need more information drop me an email.  

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