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Mini Training Series


Mini Training Series Credit Repair Part 1

by M. Le'Mont


Now you can take Part 1 of the Mini Training Series
on Credit Repair:
 7 lessons that explain the hidden
secrets and processes
of  removing negative information, 
that the credit bureaus don't want you to know.  CBS 60 Minutes  

Many of our participants see a significant increase in
their credit score in the first 30-120 days.

But as with any historical, present, or future data  
there are no guarantees, every credit report and situation is
completely different.

is some powerful stuff, so don't try to read and digest
it all at once.

Bookmark this page and return often, read it slowly to get
the full benefit.  

Don't believe
what the critics say that it's impossible to 
remove legitimate negative information and it's required
to stay on your credit for 7 years.  

This is self promoted propaganda
  generated by the credit bureaus that
are privately owned companies that buy, distribute, share, and sell your
private information for a profit.  

What the Credit bureaus don't want you to know, 
they have an error ratio of more than 50%.


If they had their way they would
leave every bit of negative
information on your credit report forever.

The Law is on
Your side and this course will show you
how to use it to
remove bad credit legally.

Once you have finished
you can sign up for the complete
12 Email
course at no charge.   Signup for complete course at no charge.

This is just another value added service offered to the readers of this website.

Okay are you ready?  7 Lessons Mini Training Credit Repair  

Lesson 1:  Credit Repair Mistakes People Most Commonly Make 

Lesson 2:  The Ethics of Removing Legitimate Bad Credit 

Lesson 3:  America is the only Country that fights Actively AGAINST Citizens with Bad  

Remember:  A Credit Report is nothing more than an "ALLEGATION".  Make them prove it.

Lesson 4:  FACT (ACT)  Once a Year you can order a Free Credit  Report.   Get the Link Here.

Americans pay more for having bad credit.  Higher interest rates, lower standard of living and poor paying jobs

Lesson 5 :  The Confrontation( That Left Them Speechless)

Lesson 6:  What George Bush Did Wasn't for You
(But You Got An Early Out Card)

Lesson 7:  What You Need To Do Now

That Concludes the Mini Training Series on Credit Repair:  
Your comments are welcomed and sign up for the complete
12 emails course  at no charge. Sign up 

Thank you for allowing me to share some of life's experiences and solutions.  

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