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Mind Readers


Subject:   Are you targeting mind readers?

From: "Peter Sandeen" <peter@petersandeen.com>
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Date: Wed, Apr 24, 2013 3:10 pm

To:         bob@mistersalesman.com

A lot of people contact me and ask me to look at their site and tell them why their conversion rates are so low.

That's fine, I encourage people to contact me if they're serious about improving their results. (That applies to you too ;)

But for every one who contacts me, there's at least 10 who have the same question.

So, here's the most common reason for low conversion rates I've seen in the last month...

Lack of clarity.

(This applies to many people who don't think their site would be unclear.)

Unless your target customers are mind readers, your site has to make it dead obvious what people can get from there.

If it takes more than a couple of seconds to get a clear idea about why your visitors should stick around, they're not going to get it.

And even if they spend more time figuring it out, they'll be left feeling confused.

Confused people don't buy.

And they don't do much of anything else.

They just want to get away from what's confusing them.

So, what can you do?

The first thing is to make your home page start off by giving a plain, simple explanation of what people can get from you.

Being clever, interesting, and/or creative isn't as important.

In fact, usually the best headline for a home page is just a plain explanation of the value visitors can get from you.

Sure, it's not very artistic.

But scoring high on that scale usually doesn't create results.

Look at your home page.

Is what you offer blatantly obvious?

If not, why? And how can you change it?

Visitors are getting increasingly trigger happy, that is, people leave your site even faster and for less reason than before.

And one of the most common reasons is that they don't understand immediately why they should stick around and read more about what you can offer.

Unless your customers are mind readers, don't expect your visitors to just "figure it out."

They're probably not going to get it if you don't help.


PS. My main business is conversion optimization. If you're interested in improving your website's conversion rates, reply to this email and tell me more. Maybe we should work together to build your business.
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