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What a Difference One Simple and Obvious 
Sales Ad Can Make

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by M LeMont  

The kid pushes a bowl of cereal to a 5-year-old and says, here try it?"  
"No, I'm not going to try it.  Let's get Mikey to try it." ( pushes it to a two-year- old.) Then the kid hollered, "Look he likes it!  Mikey likes it!!!"

What a Difference One Simple and Obvious 
Sales Ad Can Make

The commercial was for Life Cereal, the ad ran for twelve years beginning in 1972. The company did something remarkable. Someone made a simple and obvious commercial that went viral by word of mouth.

Can you imagine how fast things can go viral today with social media?

Viral marketing or idea viruses can spread fast when you have a product or service that is so remarkable people can't contain themselves -- they have to tell everyone about it.  

With social media, you can reach hundreds and thousands of people with a single push of a button.  But for it to happen, the idea, product or service must be free, simple and easy to use. Then like the Life Cereal commercial; it has to be remarkable, outrageously funny, terrible, or extremely profitable to the end user.  The results must be amazing, fast & furious and easy to verify.

Is it wise to think you can manipulate an idea to go viral or is it pure accidental?

If it's purely accidental, why not identify common traits among successful idea viruses and then create an environment for the idea to spread?  Your chances would increase greatly. 

One common trait that exists is the customer's experience with a product, or service. Satisfied customers will tell everyone about a product that is remarkable! Consumers have more buying confidence reading other customers recommendations, reviews, and testimonials than ads or commercials.  

                          Viral Marketing

Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point  and the Tom Peters who wrote In Search of Excellence delve deep into this phenomenon that have befuddled marketers and scientists. And lets not forget about  David & Goliath by Malcom Gladwell.  

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            The tipping Point               In Search for Excellence           David and Goliath

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And if you want to know what it takes to build and spread an idea virus then I also recommend the book written by Seth Godin, Unleashing the Ideavirus.   

                          Unleashing The IdeaVirus

8 things to help make it go viral

1. Fast & Amazing Results

2. Testimonials that are verifiable

3. Reviews

4.  Simple & Easy to Use

5.  Ideas spread faster when they are free or almost free.

6.  It takes time to feed an idea virus. Remember everything you write on social media is recorded that helps the idea to spread faster or die out.

7.  When a social media influencer mentions your idea, product or service, it could take off like a rocket!

8. A huge social media platform of 100,000+ followers. The bigger the audience, the far greater the virus can travel. 


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