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Microwave Candybars

Microwaved candy bars (a marketing lesson)
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Date: Fri, Apr 19, 2013 4:07 am
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Nobody really microwaves candy bars, because what 
you'd end up with is a big, gooey mess.

But did you know that a melted candy bar was partially
responsible for the invention of the microwave oven?

Here's how it happened. Back in 1945, Perry Spencer,
an engineer for Raytheon, was conducting experiments
for military radar systems. He was using a device called 
a magnetron, which emits microwaves.

After a few rounds of experiments, he noticed that
a candy bar in his pocket was melting. That inspired
him to do further experiments to see if the device
could consistently cook food.

It was successful and the microwave oven was first 
brought to market for commercial use in 1947. Then,
in 1967, Amana began selling the first models designed
for home use.

Following this, the technology was licensed to dozens
of other companies and there is now a microwave
oven in practically every household.

How to capitalize on this in your own business

The discovery of the microwave oven is what I refer
to as an "accidental asset". It's an asset you have
but don't recognize until a triggering event occurs.

On the other hand, there are also "underused
assets". These are assets you already have but 
aren't fully aware of how valuable they are. 

Here's an example of an underused asset that
will show you what I mean. 

I know of a commercial printer who created a new 
process for making ink flow more smoothly that 
reduced ink costs by 40%. He made more money 
licensing this process (what I call an underused
asset) to other printers than he ever made with 
his core business.

I've personally been able to create 6 and 7-figure 
passive income streams by licensing out various 
forms of my underused assets to other businesses. 
Some of my assets I've done this with include 
marketing campaigns, toy designs, information 
products and business software.

Your own underused assets are probably worth 
more than your core business

Chances are, your underused assets - which are
products and services you no longer sell, business
processes you've developed for running your
company, even undeveloped ideas - are worth
as much or more than your core business. And
there are also extensions of your existing products
you've never thought about that could easily
be licensed for substantial amounts.

If you're interested in discovering how to turn
your underused assets into large streams of 
passive income, I've just created a free training
program called The Licensing Solution.

In this training, you'll discover my 6-step blueprint
anyone can use to successfully license out their
assets. And you'll come away with a complete 
game plan for using licensing to create multiple 
6 and 7-figure passive income streams. 

This training is online and available to you 24
hours a day. To claim your free copy, just 
click here:



Bob Serling

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