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Medical Alert:  Why You Shouldn't Mix Grapefruit Juice
with Crestor;  Lipitor;  Zocor 

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by M. Le'Mont

I've been an avid juicer for over 20 Years, ever since the
Juice Man rolled into town.  I paid $1,000 for the original Juiceman,
but nowadays, you can pick  up a nice juicer for under $100. 

Juicing fresh vegetables  
and fruits is one of the best ways to get the 
vitamins and minerals your 
body needs.  

The other day, while visiting doctor  I  was talking to a nurse about juicing.  She said make sure don't drink grapefruit juice with your Crestor cholesterol medicine; studies have shown that they don't mix well.

Damn it, I just bought  some grapefruits as it was one of my favorite drinks, so I couldn't wait to get home to research it further.

It seems drink a glass of grapefruit juice around the time 
you take your cholesterol medicine could lead to severe medical problems.

The interaction between the two don't mix well.  According to a
recent study, when grapefruit is consumed at or around the time you take
your cholesterol medicine, the components in grapefruit prevent
enzyme systems from breaking down the drug, causing the drug to
accumulate in high amounts in the body.  

This can be very dangerous and can cause a variety of health
problems, such as liver damage or a rare condition called rhabdomyolysis
(severe muscle and kidney damage)

Recent studies showed Lipitor levels increased by 83% in people
that drank four glasses of grapefruit a day and Zocor drug levels
increased 12 times.

he drug Crestor did not appear to have such an interaction
and the
 combination was considered safe.

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