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Make a Difference


               Wake Up Everybody, You Can Make a Difference
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By M. Le'Mont

When you  say good-bye and lay down all that's near and
dear to you, can you really say that you did enough
you ran a good race and fought a good fight.  

Can you say, you made a difference, and that you found
a cause worth dying for?  

Anyone can make a buck, but there are only a few that can
make a difference; to feed the hungry, cloth the naked,
shelter the homeless, and care for the sick.

Whether you offer love and compassion, or make a charitable
donation of  time, or money, there are many ways to bring
sunshine into the lives of those less fortunate.

Be inspired to make a difference in the world.  For, indeed,
that's all who ever have.  

The greatest reward for doing is the opportunity to do more.

We can choose to be affected by the world, or we can choose
to affect the world.

It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.  

Whether you live to be 50 or 100 makes no difference,

if you made no difference in the world.  

So go out into the world and do good until there is too
much good in the world, then you can say that you have lived,
and you have lived abundantly. 

Wake Up Everybody You Can Make A Difference

Wake Up...Wake Up....Wake Up Everybody.  Get up!  
The world won't get any better if we let it be.
We have to change it....just you and me.  

The late great  "Teddy Pendegrass"


Thank you for taking this journey with me.

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