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I see that look in your eyes, and I see your Twitter numbers. You need this book.  The majority of Twitter users have less than 1,000 followers. That means the majority is doing the same thing and getting the same results. 

The new book has some kick ass strategies and shortcuts for gaining 100,000 followers on Twitter.   I'm now offering paid ONE-On-ONE Twitter consultations through FIVERR.com it's one heckava deal.

I took the first ten people who joined my book club, and beta tested the strategies to make sure they were easy to duplicate. As my mom would always say, "Son the proof is in the pudding." This is the only book where you can see the results of beta testers every day.  

And, the results are amazing! Here, see for yourself:

Fan Talk

Feb 6 Fan Talk:) Well-invested time 1-on-1 consultation! I can already see results. Thanks! :) @SarahZink  before 2,448/gained 900 three days

Update: @sarahzink Holy Smoke! before 2,448/now 8,662

Feb9 Fan Talk:) 1 on 1 Twitter training can take you from 0 to 60 in no time flat.  Started 10pm 2/9 at 6,335:) gained 919 followers. Thanks!

Update: 6,335/ now 9,844 followers!!!!

Feb2 Fan Talk: )  Going to bed with 390 new followers–782 total! Holy crap on a cracker. I started with 54 and now 782 in 4 days.  @StevenTaibbi

Update: Before 54/Now 7,348 

Jan30 Fan Talk:) Not stuck at 2K anymore, thanks.

Update: Before 1,298/Now 8,633  @sandra_moyers

Pre-Publish Promotional Offer

The first 10 people who register  to buy the new book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers will receive:   (OFFER  IS NOW CLOSED)

1. Pre-publish book price

2. One-on-One Twitter consultation

3. Other pre-publishing promotional offers

OFFER CLOSED: Register for notification of book release:  bob@mistersalesman.com  or dm   

If you follow me on Twitter, @MisterSalesman then you know that I'm the founder of the wildly popular Retweet Train. 
 I've gained 92,000+ followers in less than twelve months by using strategies and short cuts that are unconventional and radical.  

Amazing Results

Jan29 Fan Talk:) I thank you! I have gone from 1,617 to 2500 & tomorrow evening is 1 wk since I had the 1st consultation with you. TY! @bobbyblaze744  

Update: Before 1,617/Now 11,000

Feb1 Fan Talk:)  One week since the 1 on 1 consultation.  I've gone from 2900 to 3300 followers since last Sunday. Thank you. @m_rjoseph  

Update: Before 2,900/Now 7,462  

Feb8 Fan Talk:)  You're a genius. Thank you!  You're welcome. I said that you would hit 1,000 in a week,  not 24 hours:) lol!  @drmconfesses

Update: Before 650/Now 4,571

This is the only book, where 10 beta testers are continuously using the strategies and getting amazing results every day.

Feb10 Fan Talk:) Abso-freaking-lutley!! Go to The Six factors several times a day. Learned from the best!!! Which you are!! Day starts in Hour. Got over 50 percent.  @StevenTaibbi

Update:  Before 54/Now 7,350  

Feb10 Fan Talk:) One month ago I had 130 now I'm 8k thanks to you & my 1-on-1 tutelage with you! Awesome results.  @DMetamorphoses

Update:  Before 130/Now  14,800

Feb 28 Fan Talk:) check it out today!!! 1 on 1 training w/@MisterSalesman a must to grow Followers! 1200 in 2 days!  @tableofferings

Update:  Before 4,216/Now 5,535 

Fan Talk:) Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable!   

Almost 1,000 new followers in 6 days from a 1-on-1 with @MisterSalesman. Up from 895 in January, now at 8,662. Well worth the investment. @SarahZink    

 From 1617 followers to 10,900 in less than 4 weeks. Thanks @MisterSalesman The 1-on-1 was AWESOME!!!!  @bobbyblaze744 


@MisterSalesman Cannot rave about it enough...! I've learned so much thanks to you, I love the way you follow up :) @ElysianFleur 

I'm now offering paid ONE-On-ONE Twitter consultations through 
FIVERR.com it's one heckava deal.
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