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                          Who is M. Le'Mont?

Sometimes when you burn bridges you light the way for others to follow. I've always been a rebel---blazing new trails and not afraid to try new things.   I'm the founder of the Retweet Train and the writer of the articles and tweets you see in your Twitter feed from @MisterSalesman.  If you want to stir things up and do something remarkable then follow me on Twitter. 

The following quote is embedded in my personal philosophy and it keeps me going when the going gets tough.

...bad things and some good things would happen to me, but, in the long run, all of it would be converted into words."-Jorge Luis Borges 

Likewise, writing is my joy and my pain. I know the things that I've experienced, one day I'll write about them, not during the moment mind you, because it's too painful, but later, when I cross over to the other side--the other side of pain. 

Life is an adventure -
  I love not knowing what's going to happen next.   There have been so many thrilling moments and situations that I've almost forgotten them. Take this excerpt taken from my book Caught Up What's Done In the Dark Comes To Light that occurred nearly 14 years ago but seems just as real today as it was then.

One night Veronica, my wife of 10 years, told me she wasn't happy and wanted to separate.  None of it made any sense to me.  She said I didn't treat her special.  So I came up with the bright idea, I would treat her like my girlfriend/wife.   B
ut there was something deeper that was going on within her that I didn't know about.  In the meantime, I was giving more emotionally and she was giving less. 

We took a weekend trip to South Padre Island where we had the time of our lives.  It was one adventure after another.

We had a long walk back to the car. I noticed that we were being followed by a guy wearing shades and a sombrero. I didn't want to alarm Veronica--so I said, "Hold on to your purse and bags tight, and most of all don't panic."  
She said, "What's going on?"  

"We're in the section of town called Little New York."  Soon as I uttered those words, another guy appeared directly in front of us.  

He said, "Hey Amigo, me and my friend, who's behind you, watched your car while you were shopping."  

I said, "Really?  That was nice." 

He said, "Yes Amigo, sí a mantener salvarla to keep it safe." 

I looked at him with a scowl on my face, and said, "Well, since I didn't tell you to do that, how much are you going to pay me motherfucker before I kick your ass for touching my car!  una patada en el culo para tocar mi auto!"  I continued, "Now get the FUCK out my face. Ahora lárgate de mi cara."  I walked around the car and let Veronica in, "Lock the door."  I walked around to the other side--looking at him dead in the eyes. 

The other guy shouted, "Homre you're fucking lucky, my friend likes you otherwise you would be dead---man muerto hombre."

I slowly opened the door, got in the car and drove off.  

Veronica was affright. "Are you all right?" 

She said, "How did you know they didn't have a gun?" 

"I didn't.  I just knew that predators don't prey on predators for fear they'll get hurt --- they prey on the weak.  So, I had to take a chance and go for it-- if we were going to get out of there alive."

Veronica said, "You always know what to do, and I always feel safe--- that's why I married you."    Watch Trailer


That's the way life is -- its' an adventure -
 I love not knowing what's going to happen next.  I have a roof over my head, food on my plate, and sitting here writing to you good folks.  Life is good with all its ups and downs.

Come, take a journey with me as I share the world I was born in.

When it comes to discovering new ideas--I'm a renegade, always going against the grain; experiementing and testing.  I usually find 100 things that don't work before discovering something remarkable that's been right under your nose, like: The Six Powerful Factors to gain more followers: Retweet, Engage, Follow, Follow back, Unfollow, Tweet.   

The Nay Sayers said, "Those things are not new, everybody's doing them."   
I said, "Bullshit!" Then why is everyone stuck at 2,000 followers? 
So the first thing I did was put the Six Factors to the test and implemented them every day.   In less than 12 months, I gained 100,000 Followers.  

I revealed the secrets in my book How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers. There has never been a "how to book" that delivers Fast, Furious, and Amazing results instantly.  

In 2014, I started the wildly popular Retweet Train #MRetweetTrain to educate people about the benefits of retweeting to reach a larger audience, and the importance of unfollowing people who don't follow back.  
I like to plan, think, and experiment. There's not a day that goes by, that I'm not either writing, prospecting or digging in that new mine I discovered. There are over 1,000 pages of Free information on this website, on writing, blogging,  marketing, trends, and social media, which is better than any college education  on marketing.


Early in life, one of my personal accomplishments was beating
chess Grandmaster Vicktor Korchnoi in a 25 board simultaneous exhibition at Georgetown University.  
Later, I  became a chess expert with a USCF rating of 2190, ten points shy of a chess master.

I graduated  from a prominent university with a degree in marketing and business administration.  After college, I landed a job in direct sales with Fortune 500 company.

Little did I know, the job would be the foundation for everything I would accomplish later in life. The selling formula I learned in direct sales, I apply every day to social media: SY+SN+BV+CD  to gain more followers, generate more traffic, and sell more poducts.

In 2012, my partner suggested I should start a blog and educate salesmen how to sell on the internet.  So we bought the domain 
Mistersalesman.com. It has since evolved to an information site on a broad range of topics.

 Love it or Hate it- there's no substitute for experience

Adversity is your Friend  

not an enemy.

It was through adversity that I'm able to write about a plethora of topics and give solutions.  
I've  lived two lifetimes of experiences that I could probably write about forever.   

Adversity makes you become a better writer, marketer, a sought out expert, and a better person.  
So open your arms to adversity if you want to be successful. Remember, when your mind expands it never goes back to the original dimensions.

In conclusion, who is M. Le'Mont in 50 rambling words or less?   I'm  a person just like you, who learned many things through adversities of life. If you want an edge over the competition--take no days off>>don't eat>don't sleep. Let them eat>>Let them sleep. Work harder and Work smarter than anybody.  And more times than not, you will always be on top.

So keep pushing yourself to be the very best you can be.

I want to thank you for taking this journey with me.  

Dare to be great!  

Until that day.... 



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