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Lucky Streaks Part Two




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                Lucky Streaks Part Two 

Okay, let me show you how to harness the secret power of luck, which can be applied to just about every situation or repetitive event in life.

The million dollar question --What would you have done if you were up $25,000 in a casino; 
Would you have the guts to get up from the table and leave?   Probably not, just being honest, right?  If you missed Part One click here. 

 "Vanity is my favorite sin, it gets them every time." - Al Pacino

And that's the way it is in life, we have to know when it's time to get up from the table and leave; when to start something and when to end it. 

It is the difference between success and failure. Every thing we do is predicated on luck, and we all
 get our fair share. 

            Thunder only happens when it's raining."- Fleetwood Mac

         Lucky Streaks only happen after a Series of Bad Events Occur

Now most people view a series of bad events as bad luck,
 but look at the acronym: B-A-D stands for Break After Difficulties which leads to a Series of Good Luck. 

This book contains some very powerful material, I suggest that you read it several times to get a full understanding.

Take and digest it slowly.    

This book is designed as a way to improving and understanding the daily events that occur in your life, so savor every word.   

        Simply Put - It Will Change Your Life

What if you could anticipate with a certain degree of  accuracy when something good or bad was going to happen to you.  

Could that make you a better-- Author, Internet Marketer, Blackjack Player,
Stock Investor, Businessman, Doctor, Lawyer or a better Person?

If you're re looking to make a Lifestyle change this is the spark that's 
ignites the dynamite.   
And if you really want to delve deeper read: 

Fooled by Randomness:  The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets, Nassim Nicholas Taleb   

Okay, enough pre-talk lets get started.  It's that time of the year again - football and basketball season.

Fans are anxious about how many games  their team will win this year.  

 I'm concern about how many consecutive games in a row they will win or how many consecutive games in a row they will lose.  

 tracking and measuring  the results, I've learned how to make the magic of lucky streaks work in business and in every aspect of my life.

No, I'm not a professional sports gambler like Billy Walters,  who made millions  by using the magic of lucky streaks.

I discovered that Lucky Streaks occur every where and in every business 
activity or repeated sequence of events:  the stock market, casino,sports, card games, monopoly, lottery, and  even professions like;  dentists, surgeons, attorneys, and actors.

Everyday  people have streaks of good and bad things that happen.   But most people never pay much attention to such things, and it would be unheard of for someone to keep records of their daily events.   

Well, that's exactly what you have to do if you want to benefit from the magic of lucky streaks.  

You must write down every time a negative event occurs in 
your life (anything that causes you physical pain or disturbance of mind) 
and write down all the good events that occur. Anything that causes you pleasure or piece of mind) 

You must  keep records for 60 days like a journal with date and time.  
See my journal CLICK HERE.   

You are looking for patterns that show when you have a string of  
bad events in a row that something positive is about to happen.

On average, a person has  2 or 3 strings of good or bad events that occur in a row.  

Your human mind and body couldn't emotionally handle a string of 10 negative events in a row on a consistent basis; and your ego couldn't handle 10 positive events in a row. Too many wins make you feel invincible that lead to carelessness, and too many negative events lead to depression.But either way, your quest is  to discover your string or pattern.

        The Universal Pattern that Governs the World. 

                                   80/20 Rule

Eighty per cent of the time you will have one  event negative and  the next occurrence will be positive. 

Streaks  of negative or positive  events happen  20% of the time. The average streak lasts 4 consecutive times in a row.

Read the above line again and make a mental note.  


What can you do with such valuable information?   

  It's like having the key to the Matrix. 

Mary Jane won 25K playing BlackJack because she gradually increased her bets as  the consecutive losing streaks increased; at five losing hands in a row she doubled the bet size every other hand.   Why?  Because the longest recorded winning or losing streak on record in Blackjack  was 12 hands in a row.  That's pretty much the benchmark for any consecutive streaks.  To have 12 wins or losses in a row of anything is pretty remarkable and rare.  Flip a coin and see the results, or record the first twelve things that happen in your personal life  and determine how many were good and bad.
Now most people who are ignorant of this magnificent pattern, do just the opposite. They bet big when they're on a winning streak, not realizing that's when they're at the biggest risk of losing. Because with each winning hand you are closer to losing. Remember 80% of the time when you win one hand then the next hand you lose.  So you must anticipate and bet on winning or losing streaks and not on the event itself, unless it involved a thorough analysis of past performance.  

Classic Example

Wichita State #1 seed, was the only undefeated team in the 2014 NCAA Tournament and  lost in the final seconds to Kentucky #8 seed.  Why, did they lose?  
They had won 35 games in a row --it was time for the STREAK to end.  You should have placed your bet on Kentucky because Wichita State had 35 consecutive wins. With each win, Wichita State was getting closer to a loss.  So, each game you would bet that they would lose, and gradually increase your bet every time they won.  Get the point?

Let's look at  another way--80% of the time when you win one sequential event then expect to lose the next event. (Hand, game,  thing, or whatever you want to call it.)  And  if you have one bad thing happen to you, then expect the next thing that happens to be something good.  
Folks, it happens 80% of the time that way--prove it yourself- keep a journal. I'm not here to try and convince you.  I'm just trying to make you aware--the rest is up to you.

This strange phenomenal pattern holds true with events that occur in any business or everyday life.   

You will have something bad  happen like your car breaks down and then the next thing that happens is your boss gives you a raise. Eighty Percent of the time that's pattern--one good thing  and then something bad or the reverse.

                                  Here's the Secret

Professional gamblers bet on streaks and learn how to anticipate them.
Lucky streaks occur 20% of  the time --streaks of consecutive good or bad things that  happen everyday, whether in your personal or business life that causes joy and pain.   

When you have 3 bad things occur consecutively-- know that you are closer to something good happening.   And if you have had a series of wonderful things happen to you then expect something's not to your liking is about to happen.

Just like the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and the birds fly South and the Salmon swim upstream to spawn, there is a pattern in your personal and business life.  Knowing this information, you can predict or anticipate any situation better giving you a competitive edge or peace of mind that  good and  bad things will always happen.

Scientists have used the Pattern strategy to make some amazing discoveries.

“Negative results are just what I want. They’re just as valuable to me as positive results.  It's the only way to find what works!"  Thomas Edison

Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward.... Thomas Edison

Adversity is your friend and success is your enemy -- because you didn't know it was through a series of lucky streaks or events that  got you there in the first place. 

The stock market 80% of the time and  individual stocks are up
1 day, and down the next; and the remaining 20% of the time 
the market or stocks have streaks of consecutive up or down days

So, I built a trading strategy around "luck" and its cousin Lucky streaks" 
and  achieved a return on investment in 2010, 43% and 2011, 51%. 

Now, I don't want you to think this a crock of shit I'm feeding you, especially for those of you that have read this far.  So let me, show you my stock portfolio and you decide if this strategy is worth your time.  Click Here.  

            I Rather Be Lucky than Good

I learned early in life that I rather be "lucky" than good.   

Although skill, knowledge, and ability played a supporting role, 
luck was always present and had the last word.

I suffered only four minor losses out of 200 or more trades, 
even at times when I deployed cash inappropriately luck was on my side.  

The times that I was the most nervous, was the times that I 
made, the most money. 

I realized by just playing the strategy it wasn't important whether 
I was right or wrong....the strategy and luck took care of the results

There were several times that I  captured 10-20 point gains, and 
repurchased the same stock the same day below my original
buy point, and sold it again the same day for another 10 points.

Although, I'm not a day-trader that sits all day watching my 
computer screen, I am committed to taking profits whenever 
I have them before the market takes them away.

I know most people don't believe in luck.   

That's because luck will fool most people into believing that it 
was their intellect, or ability that made them successful and luck
had nothing to do with it


I remember a couple years ago watching a CNBC special, 
Question and Answer session with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates 
at Harvard  University Business School, when a  graduate student 
walked to the microphone and asked Bill Gates, "How much did 
luck play in the success of Microsoft?"  Video

Bill Gates answered, "More than what it should have."  
ow there's an honest man that's not fooled by luck.


                 It's Real Science...Not Fiction 


Blind Luck- comes in the form of good and bad luck. It is defined 
as a force that brings good fortune or adversity; or a set of random
events, or circumstances that work for or against an individual.

Lucky Streaks- a series of random events that are continuous for 
a period of consecutive days, or consecutive years of wins or 
losses in a row. 

There is no way to predict when it begins or ends or an explanation 
or numerical equation to explain the occurrences.

From my years of study and observation, it appears that blind luck
isn't a discriminator of persons.

It favors the skilled and the unskilled equally so. It's like the metaphor, 
"even a trash can gets a steak every now and  then,"  which  means even a novice can have beginner's luck and win a single event, like  throwing a  lucky punch in the last round that knocks out the champion.

But blind luck in its raw state can not form a string of  consecutive 
wins in a row sustained over a period of time, without the help of 
some other factors. 

And as gamblers, which we all are whether you admit it or not, we gamble with our heath by eating the wrong foods Gluten; we gamble when we live to go to work that we will return safely to our families

So in reality, we are all gamblers.  The difference between me and you
is that I accept it and I look for ways to better the odds  by looking for consecutive wins.

Now enter Blind Luck's cousin "Lucky Streaks."  Lucky Streaks favors a certain set of skills, ability, hard work, passion, experience, instincts, and discipline that must be present at the time of the occurrence. 

It also contains other known and unknown elements that are conducive for consecutive wins or losses in a row to be sustained over a period of time.

Some Lucky Streaks are so extreme and rare in nature that they
occur as anomalies

For example, University of Connecticut's Women basketball 
team winning streak of 90 games in a row that ended on Dec 31,
2010 by Stanford University.

The University of Connecticut streak surpassed UCLA's Men 
Basketball team 88 games in a row, which ended Jan 1974.


UConn's coach, said it best, "to win that many games in a row 
required ability, hard work, and "luck."

I have come to realize in a humble way that luck plays a major role in 
the stock market, sporting events, or any profession that engages 
in repetitive or random activities.

To take advantage of lucky streaks, you must position yourself in 
favorable situations and be in sync with the market...believing the 
market is always right.

When you're out of sync you'll find yourself  hoping, forcing, and struggling....   setting up for a streak of bad luck.

Although it's impossible to predict when "luck" or "lucky streaks" will occur, being aware of such events can help develop a gambling instinct that becomes an enormous "edge" when trading stocks or any other activity in life.   

Nassim Nicholas Taleb said,  "Luck is always present and always has the last word."  To understand this saying, is the key to making 25-50% returns.    

Now for everyone who loves statistical analysis and historical information the next chapter is for you.  

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The following is a historical listing of lucky streaks 
in a variety of events. 

1. DOW Jones Consecutive Up Days Streaks 

The table below shows the number of days in each daily up streak 
from May 26, 1986 - November 14, 2008; trading days 28,138. 

The most common streak was a 1 day streak where the index went up 
one day and down the next.  This happened 3,003 times. 


2. The longest up days in the DOW 13 consecutive days in a row, in 1986

                Consecutive Days In a Row                                                 

Streak   #Times      Days Up                     Start Date                                           End Date
13             1                    13                      December 31, 1986                    January 20, 1987
12               2                     24                      November 18, 1970                   December 7, 1970
11             4                     44                      December 17, 1991                    January 3, 1992
10             8                     80                      November 1, 1996                     November 15, 1996
9              16                   144                     May 7, 1996                               May 20, 1996
             43                      344                           March 28, 2007                                April 10, 2007
7              64                    448                     April 11, 2007                             April 20, 2007
6             153                  918                     November 9, 2006                      November 17, 2006
            249                  1245                    July 10, 2007                              July 17, 2007
4             502                  2008                    April 14, 2008                            April 18, 2008
            961                  2883                    August 25, 2008                         August 28, 2008
2             1763                3526                    October 29, 2008                       October 31, 2008
1             3003                3003                    November 12, 2008                    November 13, 2008

Total        14,680        

3. Other Market Statistical averages by years

Overall the market closed up 53% of the time; 1970-2009

The average consecutive up day in a row is 1

2 or more up days in a row occurred 27% of the time on average; 1990-2009

2 or more up days in a row occurred 25% of the time on average; 2000-2009

79% of the time when the market is up the next day it will be a down day

A string of 5 up days in the average year 3%; 2000-2009

4. DOW Jones Consecutive Down Days Streaks

The DJIA decreased in value on 13,313 of those trading days.  

There were only 11 streaks worse than the recent 8 consecutive day 
decrease from September 20, 2008 to October 10,  

2008 also occurring on 18 other occasions

In a Row            
Streak    #of Times                Days Down                Start Date                         End Date
12                 2                                       24                              January 8, 1968                       January 24, 1968
11              3                                            33                       September 19, 1974             October 4, 1974
10              2                                             20                          July 9, 1963                       July 23, 1963
9             4                                   36                          February 8, 1978                 February 22, 1978
8                19                                                     152                          September 30, 2008            October 10, 2008
7                49                                          343                        July 5, 2002                         July 16, 2002
6             94                                   564                       August 8, 2007                     August 16, 2007
5              211                                      1055                    January 14, 2008                January 22, 2008
4             399                                      1596                      May 29, 2008                        June 4, 2008
3             891                                 2673                    November 7, 2008             November 12, 2008
           1748                                     3496                    November 4, 2008             November 6, 2008
1            3321                                     3321                    November 14, 2008            November 13, 2008

Total        13,313 

5. Other Market Statistical Averages by years

Overall the market closed down  47% of the time; 1970-2009

The average consecutive down days in a row; 1 

2 Consecutive down days in a row occurred 23% of days last 40 years
The average consecutive up days;  1

79% of the time when you have down day the next day will be up day.

A string of 5 consecutive losing days in a row is rare; occurred 2% last 40 years. 

6. Blackjack Consecutive Streaks in a Row

Lucky streaks of 2 or more occurs 20% of the time.

The average consecutive losing streak in a row is 4.

The average consecutive winning streak is 3.83.

The longest abnormal  consecutive winning streak in a row 32.  

The longest abnormal  consecutive losing streak in a row 20.

80% of the time you will win a hand then lose the next hand

80% of thee time you will lose a hand then win the next hand

7. The Meanest and Longest Streaks
137 consecutive wins in a row Miami men tennis 1957-1964

109 consecutive wins in a row Penn State women volleyball 2007-2010

92 North Carolina women soccer 1990-94

89 Connecticut women basketball 2008-present

89 Standford women tennis 2003-07

88 UCLA men basketball 1971-1974

70 Connecticut women basketball 2001-03

8. Horse Racing Longest Consecutive wins in a row  

Camarero, foaled in 1951, was undefeated in 56 races in Puerto Rico from April 19, 1953 to his first defeat on August 1, 1955 (in his career to 1956, he won 73 of 77 races)

9. Longest High School scoring 100 points or more in consecutive games

Yates High School in Houston,Texas scored 100 points or more in 15 consecutive games in 2009 and ended in January 2010. 

10. Longest Losing Streak in College Football

Prairie View A&M, Prairie View, Texas lost 80 consecutive games in a row.The losing streak started 1989 and ended in September 27, 1998.

11. Longest NCAA Division 1 football Consecutive wins a row  

  School              Streak                   Years                         Spoiler              
  Oklahoma            47                     1953-1957                Notre Dame
  Washington         39                     1908-1914                 Oregon State 

12. Longest Home game streak in college football

The Miami University Hurricanes won 58 straight home games, lasting from 1985 to 1994.

13. NBA Basketball Consecutive game wins a row

L.A. Lakers 33 straight games in a row 11/05/71-01/07/72

Houston Rockets 22 games straight games 01/29/08- 03/18/08

14. NFL Longest Consecutive game wins a row

Indianapolis Colts 21 and New Orleans Saints 21 2008
New England Patriots 21 games 2003-2004

15. Longest Consecutive horse race wins in a row
Colt won 56 races in a row April 1953-Aug 1955

16. Boxing Longest Consecutive wins a row
Julio Caesar Chavez 88 wins in a row

17. Track and Field Longest Consecutive wins a row

Ed Moses 122 straight wins 400 hurdles in April 1977 Sept 1987

18. Longest Consecutive Losing streaks in a row

Denver Nuggets and the Vancouver grizzles 23 games 1997-1998

Northwester University 34 losing games in a row 1979-1982

19. Major  Baseball     Longest Consecutive wins in a row  

1935 Chicago Cubs, 21 consecutive wins in a row    
2002 Oakland Athletics, 20 consecutive wins in a row 
1916 New York Giants, 26 consecutive wins in a row (After 14 wins, 
they had a tied ballgame.)

 20. Minor League Baseball

The record for the most innings ever played in a single professional game is 33, 
occurring in a minor-league game in 1981. 

21. Major League Baseball longest innings and time played

The longest American League game, and tied for the longest major 
league game by innings which ended with one team
 winning, was a
 7-6 victory by the Chicago White Sox over the 

Milwaukee Brewers in 25 innings, at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1984.   
The official time of the entire 25-inning game was 8 hours 6 minutes, 
also a major league record.

22. Longest consecutive wins college basketball Division I
1971-1974 UCLA Bruins won 88 consecutive games.

23. Longest consecutive wins college basketball Jr college
Indian Hills Community college 89 wins from 1997-1999 

The longest game by innings in Major League Baseball was a 
1-1 tie in the National

League between the Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers in 26 
innings. at Braves Field in 

Boston on May 1, 1920. It had become too dark to see the ball
(fields did not have 
lights yet and the sun was setting), and the 
game was considered a draw.  

September 11, 1974, the St. Louis Cardinals
 won a marathon 
night game against the New York Mets, after 7 hours;  25 innings 


On April 15, 1968, the Houston Astros defeated the Mets 
1-0 in a 24-inning game at the Houston Astrodome. Official time was 6 hours. 

24. Baseball Game's Longest consecutive innings  that ended in a tie.

The longest American League game to end in a tie was a 24-inning 
contest between the Detroit Tigers and Philadelphia Athletics on July 21, 1945. 

The teams were tied 1-1 when the game was called due to darkness.


The longest game to end in a scoreless tie was a National League
contest between the Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn Dodgers on 
September 11, 1946. 

The teams went 19 innings forcing the game to be called due to darkness. 

College baseball game the longest consecutive innings.

The longest college baseball game was played between Texas 
and Boston College on May 30, 2009
, in a regional NCAA Division I 
Baseball Championship tournament game at Austin, 

Texas. Texas — which was designated the visiting team despite playing 
on its home field won the game, 3-2, in
 25 innings. 

The game lasted 7 hours. 

25. Track and Field Longest Consecutive wins

Ed Moses: The American holds the record for the most consecutive
wins in any track and field athletic event. He
 dominated the 400m 
hurdles between September 1977 and June 1987, when he had 122
straight victories (107 in finals).

Jahangir Khan: The Pakistani squash player set the standard for 
winning streaks when, as a 17-year-old in 1981, he
 started out on an 
incredible 555-match winning run which went on for five years. 

It is the longest winning streak in professional sporting history.  

26. Professional Boxing longest Consecutive Winning

Julio Cesar Chavez: Light-welterweight Chavez had 88 straight 

professional wins in the ring before drawing with Pernell
in 1993. 

The Mexican won a total of six world titles at three weight divisions 
and finished his career with 104-5-2 record, including 80 knockouts.

Rocky Marciano has the best heavyweight winning streak with all 49 
of his pro fights ending in victory. 

He is also the only heavyweight champion in history to win every one of 
his professional bouts. 

Puerto Rican super-bantamweight Wilfredo Gomez has the longest 
knockout winning streak, with a hard-hitting 32.

27. Horse Racing Longest Consecutive wins in a row  Camarero,

foaled in 1951, was undefeated in 56 races in Puerto Rico from
April 19, 1953 to his first defeat on August 1, 1955 
(in his career to 1956, he won 73 of 77 races).

28. High school basketball Longest Consecutive wins in a row
SAN ANGELO, Texas — AUSTIN —  2009, 

The 100-point streak ended. Houston Yates’ second straight Class 
4A state
 championship will stand in the record books forever.

29. NBA Basketball Player scored 50 point games consecutive games in a row
Los Angeles Lakers' Luke Walton fouls Memphis Grizzlies' 

Mike Miller during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game
March 22, 2007, in Memphis, Tenn. The Lakers won 121-119.

The last Laker with three consecutive 50-point games was Hall of Famer
Elgin Baylor in December 1962. Michael Jordan
 and Wilt Chamberlain 
are the only other players with three straight 50-point games. 

Chamberlain has the record with seven consecutive 50-point games, 
which he did in December 1961.

30. Longest consecutive passes without interception
Tom Brady 319 passes in 2010 season without an interception

31. Longest women college  basketball consecutive game winning streak.
University of Connecticut 89 games in a row 2010 season

32. NFL running back with the longest carries without a fumble.
Atlanta Falcons Michael Turner had 417 carries without a fumble 
ended on December 27  against the New Orleans, Saints losing 17-14

33. Texas State Lottery Longest Consecutive Streak 
Texas has the longest streak 50 consecutive drawings without a 
winner. April 10 2010.

34.  Tom Brady quarterback of the New England Patriots had a string 
of 340 passes in a row without an interception until
 it was snapped on 
January 16, 2011 in a playoff game by the New York Jets. 

The Jets went on to win the game 28-21.

35. Billy Waters sports better and gambler on Basketball and Football
 games has made millions and has never had a
 losing year. 

The longest gambling winning streak on basketball and football. 

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