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Living it!

Subject:  Living it!
 From: bob@refermycompany.com 
Date: Mon, Sep 16, 2013 9:48 am
To:          Emerald Team

Emerald Project- Get the word out!

Good Morning Team,  

This ought to wake some folks up.

Morpheus, explained it this way.

It's everywhere, it's all around us.

When we wake up in the morning,
when you drive to work, when you turn on the radio,
when you watch television.  

You see it on your job,
when you go to church.

It's the world we live in.

What is it?

People FAKING it until they make it.

Everyone is  trying to be something they're not.

Impress and being impressed.

Rapers rap and never done it.

Politicians promise and never deliver.   

Preachers STOP preaching what you preach.  

LIVE it first!

This sort of thing use to sicken me.

Then I realized you can't get around it.  

We're fortunate to be in a business
where we don't have to fake it.

Redirect your spending.

Trading expenses for INCOME in the future.

Then tell somebody.

That's how you grow a business, Living it, not by FAKING it. 

Get on the money train, experience it for yourself.

Until that day...make every moment count!

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