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How to Create Momentum for a Perfect Lifestyle Change

 by M LeMont

One picture is worth a thousand words.

Where are you on this video?  

It only takes a spark to ignite a fire and change your lifestyle.

Are you that spark or someone else? 

Most people are looking for a lifestyle change.

Whether it's to lose weight, to become a better person,
or to work 4 hours a week,it begins with making small
incremental changes in your daily routine that will
have a dramatic affect in the long

What is your daily routine? 

It's the things you habitually 
do everyday without
conscious thought or
effort,  such as washing
checking your email, Facebook, picking the kids
up from daycare, watching TV, 
cooking dinner.  

If you change something in your daily routine,
things will routinely change in your life. 

If you want things to 
improve, and if you want
things to get better, then 
you must change.

Your old life will always take you back, but in order
to have a new life you must change your thinking.

Anyone that lives within their means suffers
from a lack of imagination. - Oscar Wilde

                  The Secret Key

Buried deep in your daily routine lies the secret to changing
your lifestyle.  It's your daily routine which hides all your
good and bad

And it's the bad ones that have held
you captive for most of your life. 

When you substitute your bad habits with small and
consistent changes in your daily routine, over time
you will see breakthrough results.

                Slow, Steady, Consistent         

The majority of the people want instant gratification but
life has a different plan.

Fascinating and amusing video explains the
behavior patterns of individuals: herd mentality,
risk takers, followers, pioneers, support, leadership,
and viral tipping

If you want to lose weight then burn 25 calories on the
treadmill everyday, instead of trying to burn

After a year, the person burning 25 calories is still on the
treadmill and has burned up a total of 36,400 calories;
whereby the person that was burning 300 a day, quit after
30 days, with only 9,000

At first, any changes to your daily routine will feel awkward
because you're doing something new. 

But after 30 days of  
repetition, you will
start to feel comfortable with the small


I've used this "Secret Key" many times in direct sales to
change my lifestyle and to help those that are on my success

To make an extra $300 a month full time doesn't mean much,

but to do it part-time, consistently means a

When it comes to making money, it doesn't take much to
change a person's lifestyle.

What would you do with an extra $300 a month

Prevent a foreclosure, or vehicle repossession; pay
for some much needed health insurance;
pay some
bills off, buy a new car; take a cruise once a month;
dine at expensive restaurants, or pay for a better
 for your

Jim Rohn said, you should always work full time on your
job and part-time on your fortune in network

Once the profits start rolling in, this is what you will say,
"I'm working full-time on my job to pay my bills, but
I'm working part-time, on my

Wow!  Can you imagine waking up to go to work part-time
on your fortune and full time on your

Start your lifestyle change today by making small
incremental changes in your daily routine and let time
work in your

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Lifestyle  Change

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