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Leverage Social Media


              Cheat Sheet to Increase Traffic: 14 Steps  

By M. Le'Mont

To take advantage of the phenomenal growth in social Media,
you must learn how to leverage your business through automation.

Facebook has over 800 million users scattered around the world
chatting billions of words a day.

Twitter has over 200 million users with an average income
of over $100,000.

Tweet Adder is an automated robotic Twitter Tool that helps you
build a large community.  It gathers followers, broadcast tweets
and headlines, 

manages the communication processes, and makes things flow in
an orderly fashion.  

But most importantly, it removes human emotions out the equation. 

Imagine trying to build an actual community or town the size of
Houston, without having the proper tools or automation.

Without using Tweet Adder you would have an online community
with stagnant or no population growth.

Look at Tweet Adder as being the infrastructure of a town; the
under ground cables, communication systems,
traffic lights, phone
lines, sewage system, electricity,
and highways of your online community.

Most small businesses become overwhelm and quit before they get
started, trying to build a community with their bare hands instead of
with Tweet Adder.

14 Steps to maximizing you Business with Twitter

1.  You must first build an online community. It takes 1-2 years to
build so be patient.

2.  Use Tweet Adder an automatic robotic software to aid in the process.

3.  As the community is being built  engage in conversations with
members in your community.

4.  Build long-lasting relationships.

5. Use Tweet Adder to broadcast Tweets and headlines every hour
with links to landing pages of your website of blog.

6. Landing pages should pertain to the tweet or headline.  

7.  Always lead with value added services and seek to satisfy your
community with free services and solutions.

8.  Brand yourself and business through great content and videos.   

9.  Your community will grow to trust the brand.

10.  Members will reciprocate by purchasing products or services you
offer to help support your goal of offering free value added information
and solutions.

11. Always offer 90% of products, services, and solutions free.

12. Learn how to leverage SEO to drive traffic to your site.  Your online
community will be the secondary source of  traffic.    

13.  Display Follow me on Twitter button on every page of your site or blog.

14.  Search for affiliate links that can monetize your site and add value.  

15. Only 10%  products or services should ever be offered for sale.


If you purchase Tweet Adder from this website you
will be supporting our goal of offering "free" information
 and  solutions.
Click here for a video on Tweeter Adder   

When you make a purchase from the affiliated link, Mistersalesman.com 
derives a commission from your purchase.   I will continue to recommend the
finest products and services 
to my readers.  

Thank you for supporting this site, where 95% of the 
information and solutions is free.

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M. Le'Mont is a writer, internet strategist, network marketer and a IBO of 14 websites.

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