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Leaving VoiceMails

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               How To Leave Voice Mail Messages  
                       4 Silly Mistakes     

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by M. Le'Mont

Something as simple as leaving a message can be the
difference between success and failure.

In order to be a great marketer you must master the art
of prospecting and it begins with leaving messages.

Unless of course, you're with this Global network where
such a thing is not necessary, because with free membership
people are leaving you messages to join.  
 Click Here 2 min video.

But with the invention of the answering machine
and voice mail, you must now master the art of
leaving a message.

There are 4 basic reasons why people return calls.

As the following video explains, knowing and
mastering at least 2 of these reasons can increase
your returned call percentage by more than 50%.

"How to leave a voice mail and know you will
get a return call."

Grab a cup of coffee its 18 minutes long, I guarantee
you'll discover something new.  

Cold Calls= Returned Calls= Prospects= Presentations=Sales    

Video provided by Matthew Lampros of Sellemental, Inc.

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