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Last Will and Testament




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                 Is Your Spouse Safe Without 
Your Last Will and Testament? 

by M. Le'Mont

I listened as he told the story how they met,
the time they spent apart, and love forever.

It was like a scene from the Great Gatsby.

Will you still love me, when I'm no longer
young, and no longer beautiful, will you still love me?

They did everything on earth together. 

Now he wondered how she would survive without him.

Have you ever thought how your family will
survive without you?

Finding the right opportunity could change your
life forever, leaving behind real wealth that
can be passed down from generations to generations.

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For most people, it's uncomfortable to talk about
planning a funeral or writing their Last Will and Testament.

In the movie, Get Low, Felix Bush planned his own funeral
party and attended it while he was still living.

He sold raffle tickets for 300 acres of land to be given 
away at the funeral to get people to attend.

He wanted to be there and listen to what people had to say 
about him.

Now imagine picking out your own casket, plot, writing your 
obituary, and choosing the preacher to deliver the eulogy,
and listening to how nice you are while you're still in the flesh.

Refreshing uh?

Well, you should consider your Will and Last Testament 
with the same importance.

After all, you are giving away your precious assets, the things 
you've worked hard to attain.

And you have a choice who you want to have those assets.  

That is...if you make that decision while you're still living.

In some states like Texas, if you die without a Will the state 
will divide your assets according to state laws, which will not be
to the benefit of  your spouse.

And what happens if both of you should die?

Some states will give your assets to your parents and kids. 

Many married couples assume their assets will automatically
pass to their spouse, but only 1/4 of the states have such a law.

If you are in a second marriage with kids on both sides it gets 
even more complicated without a Will.


When it comes to writing a will most people put it off 
until tomorrow, 
not realizing tomorrow may never come.

To get started right away with a legal document click 
LegalZoom.com starting at 69.00.


Here's the Poor Man's Way of Writing a Last Will and Testament

-take a piece of paper and state this is the Last Will and testament of....

- write the date

- list the names and the assets you want to leave them.

- Sign and date the will

- Put it away for safe keeping

- Give a sealed envelope to be opened in the event of your
where your will is located to a person you trust.

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