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Knowledge Is Power

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Knowledge is Power & Power is Knowledge Turned
Into Action

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by M LeMont       

Email) "I read your post on Twitter and I'm looking for any advice to become more active and effective on Twitter and other social media networks. Currently following 1998 people with 997 followers and stuck there due to Twitter limits.  I have published my first book and ready to release another including a new fiction series. The marketing effort can be a challenge.  Is there any advice you can give me to gain more followers?"

My reply:) "You can go to my website mistersalesman.com for a ton of free advice or buy my new book "How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers."  I also provide free 15 minute Twitter consultation with the purchase of  one of my books.  

Now which one, do you think he chose to receive? 

Yep, you got it.  The free advice. But you get what you pay for. "Free" advice can only take you so far.  If you wanted to be a heart surgeon or  a nuclear scientist chances are you pay to acquire the information.  Then why would anyone treat their business any different?  Nowadays, traditional publishing companies want authors who have a large platform, so how would you acquire the information?  Will you just plod along like everyone else or hire someone that's an expert to show you the ropes? 

Over the years, I've invested in many "how to do" books and seminars.  I've received at least one good idea from each one of them.  But more important was the compound effect, the acquired knowledge had on me, over time.

Knowledge is Power & Power is Knowledge

The difference between the 1% and the 99% or the doers and the talkers; is the 1% acquired the knowledge and know-how by any means necessary.

It reminds me of a story in my book "Shh! Kiss Me Baby". In  1977, Buddy Brown wanted to  attend  a "free" seminar on "How to Start and  Run a Successful Business."  The  course was  offered by Franz Bedar, the right-hand man for Howard Hughes.

The cost for the two-day course was $500. Now that was a lot of money back in 1977 when gasoline was 0.25 a gallon and an ice cream cone was 0.5 cents.  And it was even more money for Buddy Brown who was dirt poor and lived in SE Wash DC where his heroes were Iceberg Slim, Shaft, and Superfly.

Buddy Brown was twenty-three years old  and motivated to attend the Franz Bedar course. So he hustled, begged, and borrowed to raise the $500.   Then he realized that he also needed a plane ticket to get to Dallas, Texas and a hotel room, and food for two days.  The total cost $1,500.


The first day of the course Franz Bedar asked for a show of  hands how many had ever been sued. Out of 30 people there were only 3 people who raised they're hands.  Buddy said we looked at those three people with utter disgust until Franz said to the three men, I congratulate each of you. 

You haven't run a successful business until you've been sued. You don't have a successful business unless people perceive that you have one, and when they do, you'll get sued.  Franz then had everyone write down their goal for the next 10 years; seal it in an envelope, and said don't open it until that date.

In 2014, Buddy Brown gave a  "free" seminar on "Opportunities and Trends". He told the Franz Bedar story to a group of attendees.  He knew some people would complain about the cost of his course which was $5,000.  So he showed them his goals that he had written down back in 1977.  

"I will build a successful company and become a millionaire by the time I'm thirty years old."

He went on to say that he became a millionaire because of the knowledge he acquired from Franz Bedar and other people, that all had a compound effect on his thinking,
 over time.

Buddy Brown wrapped up the lecture by saying, there is one thing that I will always remember from the Franz Bedar course, nearly 40 years ago.

"Find out what people want and give them a good experience and they will tell everyone.  And  if you have testimonials that your product or service works, then the world will make a beaten path to your door."  The proof is in the testimonials.   


So my sweet dumpling, if I have to tell you why you should invest a few bucks and buy my book "How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers", then I'm clearly talking to the wrong person. Knowledge is power & power is knowledge turned into action, acquire it by any means necessary.  


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