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Know it will happen


                     Just Know It Will Happen

by M. Le'Mont

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If you had a choice of  a lottery ticket worth
1 Million dollars
a penny that doubles in
value everyday, which one would
you choose?

Most people would undoubtedly take the million bucks.

The penny an insignificant piece of copper
didn't have a

But OVERTIME the penny would be worth more...
a whole lot more.

The first day, it doubled 2 cents, second day, 4 cents,
on the third, 8 cents, and so on.

By the end of the two weeks you have a whopping $81.92.

Now at the third week the penny had grown to $655.36.

And then like a PAWN on  a chessboard 28 days later
the penny gets promoted to a Queen.

It's now worth over a Million dollars.

And on day 30 it had increased to FIVE Millions dollars!

And one day later, 10 Million Dollars.

Now that's exactly the way it is with network marketing. 

You don't see the results immediately.  

When you plant, cultivate, the harvest comes.


I'm always asked, are you making any money yet?

How long does it take?

Who knows, 1, 2, or maybe 5 years to see the results. 

Just know it will HAPPEN.

Just like the the penny, the results are insignificant at first,
but compounded OVERTIME it will be oh so, BEAUTIFUL,
you'll forget how long it took!

If you KNEW that a horse was going to win a race, would
you place a $2 bet or would you bet as much as you possibly could.

Some of you are placing a two dollar bet on your future and

IT COSTS YOU NOTHING to get started.   Click Here


It's the simple things done consistently OVERTIME that works.

EASY to Do, and EASY not to DO, that's why
most people don't do it. -Slight Edge, Jeff Olson

Just KNOW it will happen.  

Whatever you want to do...you can do it in small steps
and let the money roll in OVERTIME.

The law of nature- do the thing, and you shall have the power:
but they who do not the thing have not the power."  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until that day... Make everyday count!

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