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Keep telling your story

Subject: Keep telling your story
From: bob@mistersalesman.com  
Date: Wed, Oct 09, 2013 9:58 am
To:           Emerald Project- Get the word out!

Reading time: 3 minutes

Good morning team,

 Who are you helping?

One of my favorite scenes from the Matrix was the
woman in the red dress.

Morpheus was explaining to Neo that many
of the people we're trying to save are not
ready to be unplugged.

And most of them are so inured and helplessly dependent on
the system that they will fight to protect it.

Are you listening to me Neo?

Or were you looking at the
woman in the red dress?

Look again.... and a gun was pointing at Neo's head.
See what I mean.

Now that reminds me of the people we're
trying to help.   

They are so inured to their financial condition
they're blind to anything else.  

Jim Rohn asked a waitress if she had found the opportunity that's
going to change her life and her family's life forever.

She said no.

He said, can I ask you another question?

Are you spending time every week looking for that opportunity?

And once again, she said no.

I'm not interested.

There was nothing he could do to help her.

Do you know anybody like that?

I think we all do.

Keep telling your story.

Follow up and follow through.

Remember you're the messenger,
not the message.

Who are you helping?

You're helping those that are sick and tired
of living without... enough is enough!

I'm not living like this ANYMORE.  

And finally, you're helping those that are looking for an opportunity
that will change their life forever. 

Keep telling your story.

The revolution has begun and it won't be televised.

Until that day... Make every moment count!

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