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 Journal of Good and Bad Streaks

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 By M. Le'Mont

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The following is a real account
 of  a string of good and bad
events that started
on December 18, 2012.

This is a real example how to keep a journal and the benefits
that can be derived from it.
The focus is on the streaks
which occur
20% of the 
The other 80% you will have
1 positive event and then 1 negative event
or the reverse.

On Saturday 12/18/12-  I encountered 7 Negative Events  in a row.
Here's what happened.

4:00 pm Saturday 12/18/12   I went to the store returned home,
and the water heater broke upstairs in attic. Water everywhere.
Ruined ceilings upstairs and downstairs.  
I made home just in time
for it not ruin my hardwood floors.  

4:15  Saturday 12/18/12  Shut off valve did not work on hot water heater.
I  had to shut off the main valve to house, which now means no water.

4:20 -Saturday 12/18/12 - over flow valve from hot water heater clogged. 

4:20 Called American Home Shield- Emergency after hours,
unable to get plumber until Monday.

5:00-6:00 Saturday 12/18/12  I bought snake from Home Depot to unclog
over flow pipe.  It didn't work too small.

6:15  Home Depot refuse to give refund, even though salesperson
if it didn't work to return it.  

7:00- American Home Shield- called said no plumber answered call.
No water to house til Monday

 7 Negative Events in a row.

10:00 Monday 12-15-12 American Home Shield  sent plumber
 from Lindsay Company out to replace heater, a least so I thought.  
He said it was only there to take some notes and see what needs
to be done and AHS has to call me later that day to approve job and
it would be Wed before it gets installed.

10:20 Monday  12/15/12  David said, that the hot water heater needed
 to be replaced and he ran a by pass so I could turn the main water valve
to the house back on.  

10:21  Monday 12/15/12  - The bad news is he said that that my pipes
 was out of code and the insurance company would not cover it and it
would cost 655.00 to bring the pipes up to code but the insurance
company would call me. (more on AHS this later)

10:25  Monday 12/15/12  Cost $70.00 deductble

1:00 Monday 12/15/12  American Home Shield called to confirm what
 plumber told them.  Pipes needed were out of code and AHS would
 pay for the hot water heater and installation but I had to pay $655.
 I immediately said that I wanted a second opinion from another plumbing
company because I didn't believe the guy.  

AHS denied my request and said they trust their subcontractors.

2:00  Monday 12/15/12 I called another plumbing company that advertised
 free estimates, same day.  Plumber arrived and gave me an estimate
of 1,250.00, and said it their prices are high bu they are the best plumbers
in town.  I told him it was just a hot water heater and any I had insurance
coverage on it through AHS and their plumber to me the pipes were out of code.  

5 negative events in a row.

2:15 Monday 12/15/12 He said let me see his estimate and I' ll tell you.  
Sir you are 100% in code.  This guy is lying to you because AHS is not
 paying him enough money to install the heater so he gouges the public.

3:00 Monday 12/15/12   This plumber agreed to a side job to install
hot water for $300. Home depot sells hot water $400.  Positive event

Two Positive Events In a Row

4:00 Monday 12/15/12  I called AHS and stole them about false claim by
Lindsay Company's plumber, they still denied claim -
  AHS offered cash option
of $325 for me to get my own plumber, must show receipt with work done
by a license plumber  (more of this story later)

10:00 am Friday 10: 00 am 12/19  - Positive event got hot water heater installed.

Friday 1:00 12/19/12  called Home Owners Insurance for water damage-
told me I had $2,500 deductible but I need to have water restoration company
 come out immediately to dry water up in between the walls so it won't
 develop into mold.    

Friday 2:00pm 12/19/12 They arrived in an hour.  Positive event.  
Finally things are changing.

Friday 2:30 total cost of water damage $6,000.

Two Negative Events In a Row

Saturday 6:00pm  12/24/12  Our 24 year old son wreck's my wife's car.

Saturday 9:00 02/9/13  At last I got a break!  The Big Idea

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