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                             Writing in First and Second Person POV 
      "Jeepers creepers where'd you get them peepers."

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by M Le'Mont  

How many times have you read a book written in first or second person POV? Not many times, I bet?  That's because it's much easier for authors to narrate in third person point of view, where they know what every character is thinking and what they will do next.  But is that realistic?  I thought God is the only One that is Omnipresent and knows all things. 

I want my readers to have a real life experience. Ever since I saw the movie "Jeepers Creepers" I promised I would not write like other writers in third person POV.  It wasn't that I wanted to write horror books because I had the same feeling when I saw Pulp Fiction. Both movies inspired me to develop a unique writing style to give readers a fresh experience.

So I learned how to write in first person POV and drag the reader into the action--feel the sensation of the main character as he starred and narrated the story.  

Then I decided to write in second person POV and speak directly to the reader using the pronoun, "you".  And how about mixing first and second person POV together and have the main character stop in the middle of the scene and speak directly to the reader?  

I know what you are thinking, Jeepers creepers I would never do anything like that?   You would be scared to death that you would offend the reader.  So let me ask, I'm I offending you right now? Yes I'm talking to you--"Jeepers creepers where'd you get them peepers--Where'd you get those eyes."

You see, the common practice is to write in third person POV, but common is getting old, especially when readers are demanding more and want a different reading experience.

Unless you want to remain in the pond with a million authors then you should consider mastering the art of writing in first and second person POV. I know it takes a lot of nerve to go against the herd but in the end, it could be well worth it.

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