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It's a business

Subject: It's a Business, not a game
From: bob@refermycompany.com 
Date:         Tue, Sep 03, 2013 9:47 am
To:         Emerald Team

Emerald Project-  Get the Word Out.

Good Morning Team,

Lifeline now stands at
109 and counting!

That's a major milestone.  

Back in June, I told everyone that critical mass
starts at 100 and then the team takes
on a life of its own.

What I mean is new members enroll from
everywhere, new leaders emerge and form
new teams.  

However, I'm still amazed how many people want
instant success like it's some kind of game
or something.

They treat it like they're playing a
scratch off or card game.

And when it doesn't happen in their
short time frame they give up.

In business it takes a couple of years
before you turn a profit.

The hardest part about any business
is getting started.

You have delays, obstacles, and challenges.

Nothing goes according to plan.

It's work, HARD WORK to put it all together.

Things that last usually takes time to build.

The great pyramids stand after
thousands of years because it
took time to build.

You have to dig in and learn.

And in the end, what you earn will be
comparable to what you know and do.

The people that treat it like a game...
well what can I say.

Darkness can not drive out darkness,
only light can. -Martin Luther King

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