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InterviewTiffany Madison


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Tiffany tweeted:  If you want to know how to use Twitter the right way, then please follow @MisterSalesman and read the Tweets. So good!

Tiffany Madison, Author


Me:  You just made my day! Thank you for the kind words. There's more good stuff to come. 
And, by the way, you're killin it. Can you give the world an update on how many followers you've gained?  I'll wait right here. 

Tiffany:  Well, I've gained around 13.5 THOUSAND followers in a couple of months. Nothin' to sneeze at, that's for sure! ;)

Me: 13K in a few months!! That's amazing, not many people can say that. As a matter of fact it is just amazing as your latest book which I gave 5 Stars.

I knew you were special when we first met. You reminded of the the character Mary Jane in my book Shh! Kiss Me Baby. She was sexy and sassy and indpendent.

Awww, shucks:) Thank you for the compliments. Did Mary Jane have red hair?

Me: No, but she had the attitude.

Tiffany: Well, that's all that matters.  LOL!

Me:   I want to know more if you don't mind? Let's start with your book Vacation with my StepBrother.

What I loved the most it was written in 1st person POV. It made everything so real, like it was happening to me.

That was a brave move. Were you scared to take a chance writing in 1st person?

Tiffany: Bold yes, scared no.  I've always loved first person POV! Almost all of my titles are written that way. I love it.

I wouldn't have it any other way ;) I like bringing people into the story. I want them to FEEL the words;)

Me: Did you take a creative writing class or I did your 5th grade English teacher teach you that?  


Tiffany: LOL!! Well, luckily I didn't learn this kind of writing from a school teacher, ha ha. No class. Just a "natural" I guess...


Me:  To be a great writer you need to read a lot of books. I love your writing style, so what's on your shelf? 

Tiffany: great question! Well, Fight Club, Angela's Ashes, and every Kurt Vonnegut book known to man..lol. What about you?

Me: I don't read for the enjoyment,t strictly to study the authors' style,  choice of words, ryhthm, and flow.  But no FAV.

Tiffany: I actually agree completely. I used to read strictly for enjoyment...until I started writing. Then I studied the greats.

Me:  I also learn a lot from watching movies. Now let me ask you about the book title Vacation With My StepBrother. You kind of went into the "Forbidden zone", but I guess everyone probably has a cousin that they wished wasn't related to them. Did you have second thoughts about the title? I  fired off a few tweets in succession, so I'll give you some time to catch up. I'll wait right here?

Tiffany:  Was HTG100k the first book you've written?


 Me:  No, HTG100 was my 6th book.  Thank God b/c I never could have written it without pissiing off a lot of people. But it is a killer of a book.  And as you know, it cuts deep into Twitter secrets.  How To Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers.


Tiffany:  haha! Trust me, I understand! I have offended many people with my books!  I love all the questions! It's nice telling the story behind my stories!


Me: What sparked the idea for you to be a writer? Do you remember the exact moment the inspiration hit you?


Tiffany:  I think I was riding a horse or something,  no just kidding, I've always been a writer. I just didn't know it officially until I found a way to publish my words.


 Me:  You're funny but I've had some great ideas come from horseback riding. Ideas can come from the strangest places.

Okay, you've been a sweetheart. I just have one more question to ask you.  Do you mind?    

Tiffany:   I don't mind a bit! :)

Me:   You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Okay?

Tiffany:  I'm all ears;)

Me: Okay, give me a minute to type it. I'm a slow typer.  I should have paid more attention in that damn typing class:)

When you were a kid did you ever watch the TV program,  Candid Camera?   


Tiffany:  Yes!!! I loved that show!

Me: Well, guess what?  Smile you're on AHA Live with host M LeMont. 

Wait a minute.   

Me: Are you still with me honey? Some of the best interviews are when you least expect them.  

Tiffany:  Awesome!!! Love it ;) I feel like a movie star, lol


Me: You are a star. Keep shining bright!  Thanks for a MOMENT to remember. I will feature this interview on my webstite for everyone to read.   You are a sweetheart.

Tiffany:  Thank you so much.

Me:  I'm glad to do it.

What a great impromptu interview with author Tiffany Madison.

If you want a fresh reading experience that you will always remember, then buy Tiffany's book written in first person POV. Vacation with my StepBrother. I gave it 5 Five Big Stars.  Buy it Now


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