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  Internet Secret Tools  
  What are the Internet Gurus Hiding?

Just Released 2 minute opportunity VIEWITNOW.

by M. Le'Mont

Imagine if you could tap into the mind of an internet guru
and retrieve his most powerful

Over the years, I've had an opportunity to run across a
lot of smart people and have accumulated a tool box full of 
internet secrets that have helped me

        The Toll Box of Powerful Secrets Revealed

1.  Today we are going back to the gurus over to Green Host
for some more
 top secrets.   These guys have a pulse 
on the Internet, so pay close attention to what they

have to
say.  Hidden Secrets 

The week we're revealing some Top SEO Secrets
for Your Eyes Only.  You really want to read
this. 10 things I bet you didn't know about SEO's.  
I combed the archives to find out what the Gurus
over to Green Host was
hiding.  Top Secrets 

3.  This week we visit ViperChill's Guru, who releases an Ultimate Guide of
15 Keyword Research Resources.  This information has Never Been
Published Before. Keyword
Tool  Click here.

4.  Lightscreen - Week 4, I pulled out a free Internet Secret Tool
called Lightscreen.  The program allows you to capture screen shots
 and instantly save the information or image on your

his is a very valuable and time saving tool. It's like using a camera
to take a picture of that website, video, or webinar?  

Now you can download the program  
"Free DownLoad."      

5. GoAnimate.com Video Making
This is week 3 of Internet Secret Tools, featuring GoAnimate.com 
which is
 one of my favorite tools, as you probably can tell from watching
Dare to Be Great Success Video Training Series,
with little Wayne.  

Making videos used to be difficult, time consulting, and expenses,
but not anymore!   Now you can make videos without being an artist
or an

Amusing and entertaining videos can make ordinary content

Try it for free at 

If you are serious about marketing your internet business you will
want to upgrade to the 
GoAnimate for Business, which gives you the
full spectrum of animated characters and movie

GoAnimate is an affiliated link and Mistersalesman.com derives
 a very small commission from your purchase, thats barley enough
to buy you a cup of coffee.  However, I won't hesitate to

recommend the finest products or services that will shorten
your road to

6. How to Write Compelling Content Free E-Book
This is Week 2 - of releasing my top 10 Internet Secret Tools.
 Here's one of my favorites that every serious internet marketer
must have.  A free 21 page E-Book

'How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks well in Search Engines."
Download Here. 


7. Google Keyword Research Tool  
Oct. 25, 2012, This is Week 1-  the most overlooked tool
that can drive SEO traffic to your

There are over 15 billion searches done everyday using keywords.  
Before you write an article on your site, you should use
Google Keyword tool to search for the keywords that people are

The most common mistake most marketers make is they
assume a keyword is popular.  Although it may be popular,
it also may be highly competitive placing you last on the
page rank.


                          The Secret Key

Look for keywords or phrases that Google categories as
"Low Competition" with high monthly

You could literally own a keyword space or niche all to

I've found some keywords with over 2 million searches
and "Low Competition". Include the search words or phrases
in the body of your articles, titles, meta tags, and meta

This internet tool is absolutely free. Go to 

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M. Le'Mont is a writer and internet strategist,l network maketer, and IBO of 14 websites.

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