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                         (College Graduates) 10 Keys  
     How to Become an Independent Business Owner
                          On The Internet

Success is the freedom to live your life, the way you want to live
 - Douglass MacArthur

By M. Le' Mont

Can I hear you say - No Boss, No Boss, No Boss,
it was the chant coming from the crowd, as the
keynote speaker was being introduced.

I was attending a Network Marketing
business presentation at the Hilton Hotel.

I was impressed at the "No Boss" theme and how
young the 
audience was.

They were visionaries and saw a lifestyle of
financial freedom. 2 min VIEWITNOW

                    College Graduates

It was a diverse group of over 1,000 people with
standing room only,
between the ages of 21-30,
mostly young college graduates who 
decided to
become Independent Business Owners, instead of

fighting the highly competitive job market.

With the economy recovering from a recession,
the odds of a college graduate making $50,000 a
year on a 9-5 is like a "butterfly" getting hit by lightning.

Over 75% of college graduates can't find a job in
their chosen field and have nothing to show for it,
but a lot of government debt.

But this new group of graduates is smarter and

They want to enjoy the freedom of working from
home and no boss and operate their business on the Internet

The Right Place, at the Right Time

If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.

However, it's not going to be a walk in the park.  
There are over 125 million IBO on the internet and
over 6,000 new websites vying for customers’ attention every day.

You have to be bold and daring and not follow the  
status quo.  

When it comes to money, following the majority is
usually wrong.  

You must  go in a different direction.

The Internet is all about marketing and everyone and their
mama is trying to do it.

And Learn It.... You Must

I applaud you for your bravery and desire to become an
Independent Business Owner.  

2 min VIEWITNOW or EMAIL for more information.

Here are 10 keys to help shorten your road to success.  

If you learn and master the keys your Internet business will boom.

10 Keys for IBO On The Internet

1.       Start with a goal- most people fail at  goal setting because
              their reason why is not strong enough.

              Your reason must be so
              deep it  makes you cry.
 Goal Setting

2. Identify your target market- know the market or audience you                    want to reach

3. Know what their problems are and then give them a solution.  

4. Website- Make sure your home page is designed to
appeal to visitors.  You have 10 seconds to capture
their attention.

        5.     On-Line Community- Learn how to leverage social media
      and get them to visit your website

6. SEO- learn everything you can about Search Engine Optimization.

7.  Start an Email database- You must learn how to get email addresses
 by offering free products and services.

8. Trust- The biggest reason people buy is trust. They must 
trust the person they are buying from.  So establish a trust through
your writings and commitment to offering value added services that
benefit your readers.

9.  Adversity is Successes Friend- Many IBO quit because things
just didn't go right for them. You must learn from your mistakes
and not be afraid to fail.  Welcome your failures with open arms.

10. Monitor and track your results.  You must know when something
is working or  not.

Following the crowd is usually wrong.  

Dare to be great and dare to be different!

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M. Le'Mont is a Writer, Internet Marketer, Network Marketer, and an IBO of 14 websites

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