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Subject: Information Business is Dying...
From: "Peter Sandeen" <peter.sandeen@affectselling.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Sat, Dec 01, 2012 2:22 am
To: bob@mistersalesman.com


Are you in the information business?

Do something now; it's dying!

Yes, I know... Every expert, guru, and the tooth fairy says it's growing.

Yes, I know... Information products are the hottest thing right now.

But it's dying...

When the Internet came along, business changed.

Suddenly you could sell to billions of people.

And for the last couple of decades they bought information.

Now - finally - that's changing.

People don't buy information anymore; they buy expertise...

If you want to survive you need to change your business OR your marketing...

The difference is crucial ... even though it might seem small.

The product you sell can still be the same.

What's changing is the way in which you need to market it.


Unless your info product is filled with military secrets, your customers could find the same info elsewhere free.

So, it's not the info they're buying.

Instead they buy your expertise in product format.

You can still create info products like eBooks and courses.

And they're basically just information.

But if you try to market them as information, your business will fail.

You need to market the info as your expertise...

For example newspapers.

They sell information and they're dying because of it.

Not that long ago they hired people to scream the latest news on the streets.

It worked because the paper they sold was the only easy way to get more info about those news.

Now you can get news free with little effort.

So, it doesn't really make much sense to pay for it anymore.

Instead of news, newspapers should market their expertise.

They could market their ability to provide background info for news.

They could market special sections (like culture) that require expertise.

They could survive if they changed their marketing...

Do you sell anything related to information?

Do you sell info product like eBooks or courses?

Do you sell services?

Do you want to sell those things still next year?

Then make your marketing work now.

Change it if you need to.

Just don't wait until you start losing sales...

Marketing is the key to business success, so if you want your business to grow, you can't let it be an afterthought.

Do you know how exactly you'll get better results with marketing?

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If you're serious about getting to your goals, reply to this email and tell me what you want to accomplish.

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Looking forward,

Peter Sandeen

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