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Why you should  incorporate now instead of  later: Courts are
inundated with frivolous lawsuits.

By M. Le'Mont

There was a time if someone asked, when is the best time to
incorporate a business?  

I would have answered, no need to rush,
you have plenty of time, focus on growing your business.

Well the business landscape has changed.  We now live in a litigious  
society where more frivolous law suits are being filed than ever before.

Attorneys are suing small businesses in droves, seeking fast money
- a few thousand dollars, instead of trying to score big from major
corporations that have the resources to defend themselves.

These renegade attorneys are targeting small businesses
because they know the owners can not afford to go to court
and will settle for $3,000-5,000.

The state of California is leading the way with a
 band of renegade
attorneys that are exploiting the Consumer
Unfair Business Practices
laws for 
personal profit.

They are filing frivolous law suits against a large number of mom
and pop businesses for the purpose of shakedown money.

The attorneys prey on the poor entrepreneur who doesn't have
$20,000-30,000 to hire an attorney and fight it in court.  

For these Mom and Pop owners its cheaper to pay the
extortion money, like a scene from the "Sopranos."

But just like the movie, once you pay, you have just added the
attorney to your payroll.  

attorneys consider you "easy money"
and will continue to file frivolous 
laws suits against you.    

I've personally seen this happen over and over again.

According, to the Los Angeles Times,  one law firm targeted over
300 nail salons in California, alleging health risks because the
salons reused nail polish on different patrons. 

The newspaper further said,  they were even suing bowling alleys for
'Ladies Night Out" alleging discounts to ladies were
discrimination to men.

So when is the best time to incorporate your business?

As a fellow business owner, and having experienced several of these
type of predator law suits, the best time to incorporate is now.

Protect your personal assets  from lawsuits and general liability of
your company.

The cost of incorporating your company is no
longer an expensive process. 

The Company Corporation  
starting at $79, is the absolute best
to incorporate your business, with over 100 years
of experience.  

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