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I'm not for everybody





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         I'm not for everybody and neither are you.  

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by M LeMont

I'm not for everybody, and everybody is not for me--- it took me a while to realize this is life on Twitter.  It almost wore me down trying to please everyone.  At one point, I felt a bit like Forrest Gump.

 I'm pretty tired....I think I'll go home now. 


When it comes to selling on Twitter, we all are 
 for the same eyeballs. We want all the followers we can get.  But in our quest we fall victim to the very thing that we want most---Followers.  

There is an epidemic of misinformation circulating that causes users to believe they can tweet their way to success.
 Twitter users think in terms of Tweeting, and they follow people who don't follow them.  Now this is an imperfect understanding how Twitter works.  Your goal should be to reach a larger audience, and you can't do that by tweeting or following non-followers.  What the majority of users don't know---- it's not how many people you follow, but how many people actually see your tweets that count.  

According to independent  studies, on average 1% of your followers will be online to receive your tweets.  And  1% will click on your link, and 1% will buy what you're selling.  So if you have 2,000 followers that mean only 2 people will see your tweets (2,000 x 1%), and zero people will click on the link.   The secret to Twitter is to get a lot of followers who retweet for each other; that is one of the goals of the Retweet Train--where users come to retweet and reach a larger audience.

The majority of people on Twitter hold on to users who don't follow them. These users  unfollowed for one reason, or another.  Perhaps, they didn't like your bio, or your book cover, or tweets, or retweets--- 
whatever the reason they unfollowed.  And because you want a lot of Followers, you hold on to everybody, not realizing these people are not in your Followers count, and don't give a hoot about you!  

I'm sorry, if that hurts your feelings, but I'm ruthless when it comes to telling the truth about using Twitter.  

There are 6 things that you must do to use Twitter effectively.

1. Follow Back   
3. Engage
4. Follow
5. Unfollow
6. Tweet

I'm not for everybody and neither are you is more than a philosophy, it can be the difference between success and failure.  Following people who don't follow you is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. And thinking you can Tweet your way to the top is the other fallacy that adds to your failure.

I clean house of non-followers once a week
---you can too!  Grow you twitter account faster--- Follow The Retweet Train on Twitter @MisterSalesman and use Justunfollow.com.

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