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I'm knee deep


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Now I'm Knee Deep Into It

  Do you pay attention to book reviews?

by M LeMont

Do you pay attention to book reviews?  Well, I do, and now I'm now deep into it.  What started out as some simple corrections like putting the character's conversations on different lines and fixing a few spelling errors turned into four months of writing another book.   I thought I could fix a few minor things in a couple of hours. But I'm a writer for goodness sake, so I started to change everything I wished I had said in  The Point Of No Return, but I couldn't because it was a true story.  


So I just wrote a fictional novel titled Caught Up, What's Done In The Dark Comes To Light,  it takes you on a wild ride of suspense, drama, and revenge.     It's a story of what happened and what should have happened. It will make you think twice about cheating on your mate.  

The original book, M LeMont The Point of No Return is raw, unedited, and uncut; with four Warnings in the front of the book.  I promised that I would never edit a single word because it was the daily journal I kept for 730 days.  And readers like it just the way it is:  29 Reviews  18 Five Stars
9 Four Stars and 2 Three Stars.  You can read the reviews here.

So where did I get this hair brain idea of tampering with it?  It came from a review.  Yes, a reviewer who gave me a rating of 3.6 and rounded up to 4 Stars. In the review, she said the book was very entertaining and so on.  And she recommended the book, but she said with a few minor changes like separating the character's conversations on different lines would make it better.  I said; I can do that. It would take me less than a couple of hours to finish.

Well, guess what?  It has been four months, and I'm now knee deep into it. Thank God it turned into another book.  You can see the book trailer here. Now readers will soon have two exciting books to choose from, and I got a chance to end the story the way I want to end it.  

So I want to thank, Regina M. "Lover of Paranormal Romances"  
(whoever and where ever you are) bless your heart, for a critical, but good review that led me to write a fictional novel based on a true story.

A reporter asked a six year old why she was so smart; She said I paid attention to what the teachers were saying. When they talk they are giving you the answers, all you have to do is listen.

Do you pay attention to what reviewers are telling you?  It could make you a better writer.  Let me know your thoughts on Twitter.  @MisterSalesman

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