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I'm just like you

 Subject: I'm Just like You                      

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Date: Mon, Aug 26, 2013 1:42 pm


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Good Morning team,

Some 35 years ago, a rich man told me
 I never forgot.

He said, I'm just like you.


A few years ago, I was BROKE and
wondered how I was going to make it.

I had tried everything and
nothing worked.

I was down to my last bullet.

It was like an army coming
over the hill.

I had one bullet left, and I had to
decide whether to use it on myself or
take one of those  Sons of B---- down with me. 

And then an angel rescued me and
someone purchased my company
for 10 million dollars!
You see, I'm no difference than you, except
I got a BREAK...I was lucky.


Now that was an honest man.
Most people would have you
believe that it was their skill set,
intellect, strategy, or experience that got
them there.

But the truth of the matter, they were
"just like you" until they got a BREAK.

Now I'm not hating on anyone, and I'm
not trying to rain on anyone's parade,
I just want  you to know the truth behind
every success story.

Every successful person had an unexpected 
surprise along the way.

Even companies  near bankruptcy got a lucky break
and  that turn things around.

Thomas Edison once said,
the greatest inventor was "Accident."
Do you think he discovered electricity
without being lucky?

He knew every failed attempt put him closer to
getting a lucky break and discovering
something phenomenal.  
 It's all in the process... the numbers.  
The law of averages.  

The more people you talk to every day,
the more people you'll enroll, and the 
more chances you'll have for lucky breaks.
Now the opposite of that is also true.

The law of averages will work
for you or against you.
In our business, if you talk to one person a day,
that's 480 people in two years, you'll
get the breaks you're looking for.
And if you talk to more it will happen faster.

It's that simple folks.
 If you stay true to the process,
the process will stay true to you.
And when you have your day in
the sun make sure to be honest and
tell everyone, "I'm just like you."
I just got a lucky break.
And here's how I did it.

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