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I dare you to be great

I Dare You To Be Great
From:   bob@refermycompany.com  
Date:   Mon, Sep 02, 2013 11:00 am
To:           Emerald Team

Emerald Team-
Get the word out.

Good Morning team,

I dare you to be great.

There's a paradigm shift that's underway that will affect
the whole world in the next six years.

Many people are oblivious to the shift
until it becomes apparent to all.

This  new way of  thinking will create more millionaires
than any of these great companies of the past:
Excel, Avon, Herbal Life, Amway, Mary Kaye.
= ==

You can achieve your goals in record time if you use the magic
of technology that weren't available 25 years ago:  Cell phones,
computers, Join.me, Emails, Webinars,
and Videos.

We are fortunate to have an opportunity where we don't
sell any products or services, but we get paid on everything that's been
invented and sold in the economic system.

And the membership is free!

= = =

I Dare You To Be Great

I dare you to take this journey with me; to open and read your
emails (morning paper) every day, and implement the philosophies,
and principals that will  help keep you on course and overcome obstacles.

I dare you to start making money on your
spending transactions without any further delay.

I dare you to  learn how to enroll  a team of
thousands if not millions of people in your network.

I dare you to be unconventional and go against
traditional ways of recruiting.

I dare you to teach your team to do the same.

I dare you to keep it simple, it's not complicated... it's free.

What more can you ask for?


I Dare You To Be Great!

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