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I Got You! I'm All Yours




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I Got You! I'M All Yours
       You jump, I jump, remember?

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by M LeMont


Who deserves your time and attention? This is the best piece of marketing advice you will ever read. No Skimming.  Do you treat all your followers the same?  Now I want you to think about that before you answer.  Your first reaction would be "yes of course, I do." 

Then you are treating most of them wrong.  "What! How dare you say something like that, you don't know me."  Well, I know enough to tell you that all your followers don't deserve to be treated the same. 

You have some followers who retweet your books and others who retweet what you had for lunch. Then you have followers who don't retweet at all. 

And what about those followers who buy your books and those followers who could care less about your book, even on book launch day. Now, you see it would be unfair to treat all of them the same.

I recently had a fairly decent book launch for "Shh! Kiss Me Baby". I received support from my AHA Authors Group, from avid book readers and followers who just appreciated the help I've given them.  So I ran a campaign "I  Got You! I'm All Yours" to attract more fans. It was for anyone who purchased my book, so I could make sure that I treated them special.  

I sent shout outs to follow a special person; "thank you" lists for buying my books, "thank you" review lists and extra retweets. I even retweet for people when they are on vacation. I do whatever I can, to make them feel extra special. With over 100,000 followers it's impossible for me to treat everybody special, so I favor those people who favor me.

There is real meaning when somebody tells you "I got you--I'm all yours". It means I've got your back.   

It's the little things that often make a BIG difference. 

It is social media, and we  are all vying for the same eyeballs, so you better get on the bandwagon. We are all in the same pond with a million other fish; and everybody's got a good book. "As the joker said to the thief, I'm just trying to find a way out of here."

I'm sorry if you think that's selfish of me to feel that way, but I'm from the old school of marketing, where you had to make the customer feel important. Some rules don't change even with social media. 

If you're interested in joining my "I Got You! I'm All Yours" team send an email  bob@mistersalesman.com  
Get listed on The Retweet Train follow lists for 1 full year $5 subscription. Act Now! Limited time. More details at FIVERR.com 

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