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               Authors Helping Authors Book Program    

By M. Le'Mont

Another way to get loyal followers is to get in a space where everyone is desperately seeking results.    For example, how many authors are self promoting their books and need more readers. 

Why not buy the books of authors, on your Retweet team.    Now I know the first thing everyone is going to say,  "I'm too busy, and I don't have time to promote other authors' books."   

Hogwash!  Do you mean to tell me that you're not a reader, and you don't buy books?   Sure you read, and you buy books of famous authors that are not supporting you; you're supporting them. So why not turn the table, and  buy a book once a month  from an author  on your Retweet team.   

Hell, if you don't have time to read, so what.  It's the support that counts.  I 'm currently reading five books and there's no pressure to finish them.  My goal is to bring the Authors' community together to support one another.   If an author got a launch of a new book then the community should help promote it.  

Set a  monthly budget of $3.00 to buy one book of an author who's on your Retweet team. Wow!  A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs more.  Now don't count on any author  reciprocating--just do it for the support.   

Don't follow what the majority of people are doing on Twitter because it's not working.  Everybody's spamming-- thinking the hard sell is the answer, believe me it doesn't work on the Social Media.  Here's a great article by Rachel Thompson, Read This Before Sell Sell Sell Books on Twitter.      

Now  if I'm correct  and this strategy turns out to be the Holy Grail for selling on Twitter everyone will  develop a team of super supporters.   
It's an idea that makes sense.  You can grab a copy of my new book M Le'Mont The Point of No Return.   Notify me @MisterSalesman   Amazon,   http://bitly.com/1eRSkaI      

And if that's asking too much then you can still participate by Retweeting this article to your Followers that you support  authors and writers who Retweet. "United We Are  Strong."  

If you want to discover something remarkable, then you have to do something completely different than anyone else.  

Seth Godin said, "The Internet will not tell you what to do, but it will say here's the microphone now go experiment and discover something great!"

Updated 05/8/2014  Authors helping Authors Book Program

So far, a total of eighteen books have been purchased that support authors on the Retweet team.  Imagine if more authors participate and reciprocate--what it can do to improve your sales ranking. Plus these are some damn good books I've purchased.  

A Gentleman's Affair- A.J. Lynn 05/08/14                                Reciprocate
Girl in the Water-Nancy Kilgore 05/08/14
Rock My World:  A Ghostly Romance 05/08/14

The Room - Marilyn Parel 05/06/14
Hollow Man- James Hollis 04/26/14                                               Reciprocated
The Vilincia Coven - Jennifer Thompson  04/25/14      Reciprocated
Finding My Way Home:  C.K. Oneil 04/25/14                    Reciprocated
Eternal Service - Regina Morris      04/24/14                       Reciprocated
Harvest Night: An American Horror Novel-  04/23/14
Nobody's Fault- Terry Tyler 04/22/14
A Single Step  Georgia Rose 04/21/14                        Reciprocated
Inoperative: Cyborg One - Charity Parkerson 04/16/14
Broken Pieces - Rachel Thompson
Wrong Place Wrong Time - David P Perimutter
Learning How to Eat (Again)- Brian V Menard                     Reciprocated
Little River-James L'ETOLILE
Confronting the Demon - Ciara Ballintyne
A Dominate Wife- Bodelle, Phebe

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