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How to Choose a Domain


How to Choose a Memorable Domain Name [AIB]
From: "Steve Scott" <steve@stevescottsite.com> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Thu, May 23, 2013 9:48 am
To:         "Bob" <bob@mistersalesman.com>

It's been one of those weeks. What I thought would
be a simple move from my apartment has turned into
a endless series of tasks to complete.

So for this week, a lot hasn't happened with the
"Authority Internet Business" case study.

But once this move has been completed, I'll get into
the meat-and-potatoes of how I'm developing this

One of the first steps of this process is choosing
the RIGHT domain name. 

Yes, this isn't an *exciting* subject, but it's a
very important step in the whole process. 

So check out this post that shows my process for
choosing a great domain name:

==> http://www.stevescottsite.com/choose-domain-name 

If you haven't picked a name for your website, then
you should use the three-step process that's outlined 
at the end of the article. 

Take Action. Get Results.

Steve Scott

PS - In the past, I mentioned that email marketing
is a HUGE part of building an authority business.

That's why I spent a long time working on my next
Kindle book, "Email Marketing Asset - The Ultimate 
Guide to Long-Term List Building Success".

This book is now in the hands of my editor and 
should be launched early next week.

So keep an eye on your inbox to see how you
can get a free copy.
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